To Stand Idly


Mama’s birthday!  Rain all day.  To celebrate, my family decided to go to the mall.

I’ve grown to dislike the mall, and I think I described why before.  I’m not fond of shopping in general.  If I’m with my famiily: parents with each other, sisters with each other, me by myself.

Although that happened again this time, I was still in a good mood.  I can’t explain why, but I was. In fact, I was such in a good mood that I enjoyed leaning against the railing for over twenty minutes, waiting for my parents to come.

Then, I became a selfish brat and had my dad buy me two pairs of shoes.  It was his offer.  Normally, I would decline such a generous offer, even from my parents.  Tonight, I put on a smile and let my dad buy them.

Now I’m happy.


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