Oh One Oh One One Oh


I found it a little amusing when I started to see people saying, “Two years before the end of the world!” because of the 2012 prophecies.   Technically, prophecies foretell the end of the world coming in December 2012, specifically December 21, the day before my birthday.  Thus, it is roughly three years from now before the supposed end of the world.

But I don’t say anything anyway.  Elisa, if you’re reading this, Hi!

It’s kinda weird seeing that date—January 01, 2010.  Graduation year.  Six months left.


2 Responses to “Oh One Oh One One Oh”

  1. You better live your life. Live about the influencee 😀 and stay in school.
    Don’t change yourself for anyone.

  2. bluepaperjournal Says:

    congrats on graduation year. I remember it was a year that had greatly influenced my life for many years to come 🙂

    2012, we have to make two sets of preparation, one for when the world does end, one doesn’t?

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