“Class of ’10 Is the Bomb”


That’s what was on my friend’s Facebook status a couple of hours ago.  I thought, “Aw!  You think we’re that awesome?”

About half an hour later, I realized, that that status had a more literal meaning than I thought.

You see, today, all the students were evacuated from the building at around 11:00 am and were sent home.  The reason? A bomb.  There were, of course, rumors of the reason, but in the end, we discovered that a senior and three other people “planned” to bomb the school in a Facebook conversation.  We found the posts and deduced that the whole “plan” was a joke.  But no one can blame the authorities for taking these precautions.

Thus, the four were arrested.  Meanwhile, the rest of us enjoyed the free time these people bestowed upon us with their idiotic decision to make these jokes in public.


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