“Losers, Please Report to…”


“There will be a review session for all participants in the Biology Science League competition today after school,” blared the loud speaker during the morning announcements Tuesday.

Stefany and I looked at each other, ashamed and amused.  It was the first time the words “Science League” were ever spoken in the loud speaker in the four years we’ve been in high school, and it applied to us.

“We’re such nerds!” we told each other, jokingly.  Or maybe not jokingly.  Either way, we were laughing.  We just found it so amusing that we were part of the “Science League,” and the truth was, we liked it.  Well, at least I did.

Today was the actual competition, and Stefany and I got the highest scores from our school’s team.  There were two other schools who beat our combined score.  Next month, we’re going to try harder.

P.S. I officially quit the play by the way.


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