The second of only two palindromic dates this year.   It was recognized today in Nerd Central, my Calculus class.  (OK, we’re not all nerds.)  Unfortunately, we forgot to recognize the first one.

The night was eventful and uneventful at the same time.

I had the car for the night, after having taken it from my parents who were planning on going on a date.  Hey, when I found out they were going on a date, I didn’t want to take it anymore, but they insisted.

So, Tram, Michael, and I decided to get some sushi tonight, and we used my dad’s GPS to find the place, using the address I got from the Internet.  So, we got lost a few times, but we were getting somewhere, after going through about eight tolls.  And then, the traffic came.

An hour in traffic.  We just listened to my iPod the entire time and observed the people driving around us.   We were losing hope that we would ever reach the place in time, until we actually got out of traffic.  According to the GPS, the place was only six minutes away, so, with a virtually empty road, we sped through and hoped for the best.

“You have reached your destination,” the GPS said.

“Here we–what the heck?”  We were in the middle of a highway.  Seriously, what the heck was wrong with our GPS?

So, we ended up going back to Clifton to eat at Red Robin.  I felt so bad for putting us through that ordeal, but I personally had fun.  It just sucks that our original plan to eat some sushi turned into poo.


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