According to a local Facebook event, February 1st was “Bring an egg to school day.”  And that I did.  It was a parody of a Health project that was assigned to some seniors last week.  They had to take care of an egg, as if it were a baby.  Some clever mind, a funny girl named Vincenza, started the event in Facebook until the word spread.

So, I came in to school with an egg with a painted face in a “crib,” and people naturally gave  me weird looks.  A friend wanted to babysit for me and took the egg from me first period until several periods later.

I then brought it to my Italian class, the last period of the day.  My friend Stefany, who knew about the event, saw the egg and commented, “I can’t believe you, Jeremy!  Why would you follow that Facebook event?  You’re a follower!”  She then grabbed the egg and threatened to smash it into the garbage can.  She was half-joking, I think, but eventually, I got it back.

After school, another friend, Sarah, saw the egg and kidnapped it.  I had to go somewhere, so I just told her, “Just give it back to me tomorrow!”  I later discovered that my egg was murdered.

Apparently, Stefany took the egg from Sarah and threatened once again to smash it.  It didn’t really happen until Cindy, Stefany’s sister who exhibits an unexplainable hatred towards me, grabbed the egg from Stefany and tossed it into the garbage can with such might that when some friends tried to show me the remnants of my baby, we could find only but a small fragment of the shell.

I was pretty devastated, considering that I spent a few hours painting that egg.  (“You painted a circle on the egg!  I could’ve done a better circle than that!” Joe would mockingly say.)  But, in the end, I found it pretty hilarious.

Now, I present to you this empty crib.


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