First Snowman Ever


Winter unleashes its fury with a snowstorm!  Or blizzard.  I don’t really know, but either way, the whole state pretty much anticipated it, prompting my school district to decide to close the schools yesterday.

Joe and Sarah invited me to go out and go sledding, but my mom didn’t want to let me out, saying something about electric cables might snap and kill me.  I guess her idea wasn’t completely unfounded, considering how windy it looked from the inside, but when I brought up that notion to my friends, they laughed and said, “This isn’t bad at all!”

But thankfully, my friends were so intent on getting me out of the house that they walked several blocks just to pick me up.  Of course, my parents couldn’t say no afterwards.  So, we trekked back to Joe and Sarah’s neighborhood (they’re neighbors), where the huge hill was.

Sledding was a fail.  I don’t think today’s snow was meant for sledding.  After several tries, I sort of just quit and proceeded to build a snowman.

I’m pretty sure this is the first snowman I ever made.  All the other times I tried, I failed.


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