Valentine’s Descent to Oblivion


For a day virtually void of anything romantic, the picture for today is way too appropriate for Valentine’s Day.  You see, I would’ve attempted to add some romantic spice into my life for Valentine’s sake had it not been the day of my Confirmation.

To celebrate, my parents decided to have a party, to which many friends were invited.  As one-fifth of the total party host count, I was obliged to stay, especially since I was one of the reasons there was a party in the first place.    (HINT: Confirmation candidate)

As a clueless host, I really had no idea what to do when the guests arrived.  My house is pretty boring, and I usually entertain myself with the computer, but I obviously couldn’t invite about twenty people into my room to use the computer.  And I’m not exactly sure if they’d all be interested in occupying themselves with web comics, like XKCD, or sites filled miscellaneous information, like Futility Closet.

So, in order to avoid the problem of seeing bored guests, I resorted to avoiding the guests entirely, i.e. I went upstairs to my room.  Haha!  What a fail host, but I’m just kidding.  I did do that for a few minutes, but I went back down!

In the end, people found stuff to do, while I flitted from one group to another, trying to entertain them as much as possible.  By the end of the night, 90% of the guests were gathered in the living room, watching the All-Stars basketball game.  I don’t usually watch basketball, but I found myself jumping up and down in excitement.

So, Valentine’s Day.  For the past few years, I’ve taken pride in being single.

“Who needs a girlfriend?  I’m having fun being single.  No commitments.  Singles Awareness Day!”

But, today, it’s quite different.  Valentine’s Day barely crossed my mind.   It wasn’t “A Day for Romance” Day nor was it Singles Awareness Day.  It was just a day.

I mean, I guess I can attribute that to the Confirmation party, but maybe there’s more to it than that.  Maybe I’m a hopeless loner.


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