Artistic Experimentation!


This was a safety shot.  I had to wake up really early for a Saturday (8:00 am) for a Stage Tech assignment in school.  Yes, I was in school on a Saturday.

Afterwards, I was pretty much out with a friend until I got home later that evening, at which point I was pretty tired, but protocol calls for me to sit in front of the computer as soon as I get home.

As I usually do when I’m tired but too lazy to go to bed, I reclined my computer chair, placed my feet on the bed, and took a nap.  I woke up about ten minutes later and decided to take a random picture of whatever was on my computer desk.  Then, I proceeded to sleep.  I woke up after midnight, thankful that I took a picture.  To my horror, I discovered that my photographs were pretty weird.

I had a another photograph that I could’ve chosen, taken while I was half-asleep, but it was a crude self-portrait.  So, no.

And believe me with this next statement!  I’m not a pervert when it comes to art.  Not all the time at least.  That picture at the top right corner is just me experimenting with perspectives!  The figure is holding a can of soda, seemingly handing it to the observer.  Perspective?  Get it?


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