Crural Vanity


Quite an uneventful day.  The gloom of the days continues.

When you have no subject for photography, and if you’ve been taking too many shots of random objects on your computer desk, resort to taking pictures of yourself.  Or parts of yourself.

Yes, my calves.  Friends and strangers alike have commented on how large, or “muscular,” they are, to my dismay.  I’ve always been a bit put off by my legs, but I’ve been coming into terms with them, especially when I look at them with this mirror.

You see, this bathroom mirror is like a funhouse mirror.  I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of curvature on the glass that distorts the reflected images.  It just so happens that they make my legs look pretty lean, in contrast to the fatness that I see from when I look at them from above.


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