Holi Cow, She’s Crazy


Pooja Patel.  Her full name screams Indian.  She shares the quirks of her culture, which my friends and I found amusing, to say the least.  She’s full of surprises, from her unexpected behavior to her random trips to India.

So, imagine my surprise when I see her going up the stairs to the Stage Tech room with her hands, wet with blue paint.  I started scurrying away, towards the ladder, as she and her best friend Stephanie smeared paint all over Joe’s face.  I was high up in the ladder when they finished attacking Joe.

“We’re going to get you next, Jeremy,” Pooja said, going back down the stairs to retrieve more paint.

“Come on, Jeremy.  Stop being so boring,” Joe said.  He would.

So I came down the ladder and prepared myself for the mess, not because Joe said so.  Just because, despite my attempted escape, I really wanted to get in on the mess.

When Pooja returned with some paint, all hell broke lose.  They were putting paint on their hands, trying to get each other’s faces, necks, ears, and hair.  Yes, hair.  I think I had the most paint out of all of us, just because I didn’t have many opportunities to get some paint on my hands and wipe their faces.  That’s because throughout this colorful war, I had to do my job in Stage Tech.

So, what was going on this whole time?  Why the heck were Pooja’s hands practically drenched in paint, only to smear it on our faces?  It’s Holi, a festival mostly associated with Indians that’s celebrated around this time of the year.  I really don’t know much about it, except for what I’ve seen on TV of the actual celebration in India, in which people would splash colored powder onto other people, coating them with different colors.  In fact, Holi is also known as the “Festival of Colors.”  Although we didn’t use powder, I had fun with the paint.

I’m really glad that Pooja shared this neat tradition with me.  Maybe I should start sharing some Filipino traditions.


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