Worthwhile Endeavors


Looking back at today, the only words I can use to describe it are “bold” and “daring.”

Because of a statewide standardized test that all the juniors had to take, we seniors, along with the freshmen and the sophomores, were to go to school today at 10:55 am, as opposed to 8:00 am.

“Three hours to spare,” I told myself Sunday.  “That should be enough for a trip to New York to get some breakfast and return to school in time.”  You see, there was a Filipino fast food restaurant in Queens called Jollibee that I haven’t been to in a while, so I decided to invite a few of my Filipino friends to join me in my plan to have a special breakfast.

We decided to leave our town early to “ensure” our timely return to school.  After a few wrong turns, some frantic arguments about which way was the right way, and the decision to eat at the restaurant rather than on the way home, we found ourselves in the school office, with the vice-principal yelling at us from across the room.

“You are forty-five minutes late!  What were you doing?”  We would have to be crazy to tell them that we decided to go to New York for breakfast.  Thus, we kept quiet.

“Give them three detentions!” he ordered the secretaries.  “I should suspend you!” he blared at us.  At this, I was taken aback.  When we left Jollibee that morning and realized that there was no way we would get back in time, a few of us opted to skip the day entirely.  Being a good boy, I urged them to go to school with me because I had to go.  I figured that we would get one detention for being late, to which we can all say, “Who cares?!” with a laugh or two.

Well, little did I know that we would skirt suspension territory.

“I understand you guys want to have breakfast and all, but if you’re going to do that, you should leave earlier,” one of the secretaries sympathetically said.

“We did.  We left at 7:30,” Lawrence, or whoever, replied.

“What?  Where did you go?  Down the shore?”

We all just laughed inside.

Afterwards, when we all left the office, Marie and I decided that the trip was definitely worth the three detentions.


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