My sister and I were coming home with my dad from my dentist’s appointment and her religious class.  As soon as we entered the house, my mom said, “I have bad news for the two of you.”

She proceeded to talk to my sister about her progress report in school, which told of my sister’s problems in school.  Needless to say, my parents were peeved.  Meanwhile, I forgot that my mom had bad news for me, so I went upstairs to my room.  A few minutes later, she called me down and imparted with me the bad news that she mentioned earlier.

Without having to provide the details of the news, I’ll just say that it had something to do with my future education.

Sullen I once again became, and I stayed in my room, forcing myself to sleep.

After my induced nap, I asked my mom to cook these noodles that she was planning to make for tomorrow.  I love this recipe, so I satisfied myself by eating a lot.  It was clearly unhealthy, but it tasted so good.


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