Tell ‘Em, Qui-Qui


Last year, before my FBLA trip to California, I told myself that, before I left home for this nice vacation, I had to leave on a good note, i.e. all the issues that may have been bothering me had to be somewhat resolved and all my friends were in good terms with me.

Some people might see a vacation as an escape, but personally, I’d never feel pleased or satisfied if I knew all aspects of my life weren’t as perfect as they should be.   These unresolved issues would most probably bother me during the vacation, and it would just ruin my mood.

Besides, we should all know that, as much fun as we have during vacations, they all end.  And, eventually, you’re going to have to return to reality, and who wants to return to a real world that’s filled with problems? I wanted to be excited during the flight home.

Fortunately, last year, I was able to pull it off.  Before I left, I was able to leave on a pleasant note.  I came home, bummed to have left California but still glad to be home back to my friends.

Today, a few students from FBLA went to Edison, NJ with me for the State Leadership Conference.  We’re staying here overnight, so we’re coming home tomorrow afternoon.  Because of this, I’m considering it a mini-vacation.  Two days off school.  Four-day weekend.  It’s perfect.

Unlike my vacation in California, I left my house this morning with a mind boggled by an unresolved issue, an issue that arose just last night.  Well, it’s not like my life was even close to perfect before this began to concern me, but this was just as unpleasant as the others.

Anxiety plagued my mind for the first half of the trip.  I couldn’t get enthusiastic because I was letting things bother me.  Then, I just decided to let myself have fun.  I tried to detach myself from the real world with the hopes of enjoying my “vacation.”

And it worked.  Soon, I felt much more relieved about everything and focused more on what’s going on now than what’s going to happen later.  And I think that when it comes to vacations, it’s fine to be like that.  Who cares about the future?  Think about now!

I think I’m going to be trying that approach more often now when it comes to vacations.


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