Screw Up


[I’m pretty sure I forgot my camera cord at the hotel for the FBLA trip, so here I am with millions of pictures stuck in my camera.  I don’t know how and when I’ll ever get to upload them.]

The second day of the FBLA State Leadership Conference.  The big thing today was the Awards Ceremony, where we would obviously find out if we won the competitions or not.

I was really excited for everyone.  Like really.  When students from my school were called out loud because they were finalists, I started jumping up and down my seat.  One team got third place, and one got second place.  It felt like I won when their names were called.

The announcement of the finalists for my event was last, and after all the excitement that I felt and the anticipation, I was met with much disappointment when I won fourth place for Word Processing II, a fairly easy event.

Some people tried to console me by saying, “Fourth in the state!  That’s still really good.”  But I looked back at how well I did last year and saw myself from that angle.  “I’m screwing up,” I told myself.


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