It’s the Mic or the Ball


Another gloomy day.  No tennis practice today, allowing me to focus on Stage Tech, which has a crucial role in this year’s musical.  Although I don’t have the problem of Tennis vs. Spring Musical this year, I am troubled by the Tennis vs. Stage Tech battle.  It just so happens that the most important parts of both activities occur around the same time.

Anyway, today, I was able to catch up with some of my Stage Tech duties.  I’ve been missing a few rehearsals due to the beginning of tennis, so I needed to catch up with what’s been going on.  Several weeks ago, I was always present in Stage Tech meetings, trying to help out with organization and stuff like that.  Very slow.  Now that it’s hectic and full of jobs and tasks, I’m MIA. It’s difficult.

In tennis, we have matches to decide who’s going to be in Varsity. I’ve been screwing up with that too, just like with many things in my life right now.

I’m not choosing one over the other.  I’ll just have to use a Time-Turner or something.


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