Maximum Torture


“Can I have the home fries instead of the rice?”


“Yea.  Instead of rice, I’ll just have the fries.”


So goes my conversation with the lady at this small store that served Filipino breakfasts.  My friend has been hailing the food there and has been asking me to go try it out.  Filipino breakfasts typically contain rice, and since I gave up rice for Lent, I’ve been putting the trip off until I can start eating rice again.

Today marked the third delayed opening day in my high school for the upperclassmen—the perfect opportunity to grab a nice breakfast.  Homemade?  Too boring.  IHOP?  Too played out.  Diner?  Too diner.  Jollibee?  Too far, as we’ve witnessed before.

So, the only thing that was left was to go to that Filipino store, and I finally gave in, despite the need to prohibit myself from eating rice.  I figured that I’ll just eat something else that doesn’t include rice.   I mean, I had to try the corned beef there.  My friend said it was good.

That’s when I found myself asking for fries instead of rice, earning weirded looks from the employees, who seemed to be thinking, “What the heck is this kid doing here?  Asking for a Filipino breakfast with no rice, but fries?  Messed up.  Seriously messed up.”

Yea, a life with no rice is a life not worth living.


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