Sunny Days and Wednesdays


Mother Nature decided to bestow upon the lowly inhabitants of Belleville a string of sunny days after the crazy storm this past weekend.  The Environmental Science classes of my school took advantage of this gift and spent their time laboring in one of our school’s courtyards, a courtyard that will be dedicated to a science teacher who passed away last summer.   The students were to uproot bushes, saw branches (one of which sliced my face), throw out unwanted twigs, trim hedges, move benches, etc.

I actually didn’t have the class, but my Health classroom was right next to the courtyard and when I entered the room today, my teacher and a few students were watching the Environmental Science students working, and my teacher sent a few of us out to help them.

Of course, the ones who left to help out saw this as an opportunity to miss class and bask in the sun.  I helped out with the disposal of these branches that were recently cut down.  And with the release of Pokémon HeartGold just a few days ago, it wasn’t unusual for me to scream out “Razor Leaf” when some of my Pokénerd friends grabbed the same branches.

Oh, Pokémon


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