Irate and Irritated


The project that Randa and I started yesterday, I had to finish.  All we did was assemble the small parts, and I had to assemble all these small parts to complete the big project.  It was a lot of work.  I was pretty frustrated that I had to be the one to finish it.

Before I actually got to work on it, I was on my bed, taking a nap.  Joe then called me to wake me up because I told him to prior to sleeping so that I could get up and finish the project.  My cranky self complained and bellyached to him about how I didn’t want to do the project.  A major case of laziness.  I felt bad for having him listen to me grumble about how unfair it was that I had to finish the project, but in the end, I got out of bed, sat on the floor, and completed that freaking 3D model of translation in protein synthesis.


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