Every year, my Sociology teacher has a really unique trip, in which Sociology students from Northern Valley Regional High School in Old Tappan would come to our school one day, and Sociology students from Belleville would go to Old Tappan.  It’s a student exchange program for one day, enabling students to experience life in a school that’s different from their own in many ways.

When the office announced through the loudspeaker that the Old Tappan kids had arrived, one would have been terrified of the horde of Sociology students that stampeded towards the front of the building, excited to see these foreign children.  For the most part, each one of us would have the chance to pick one student who would go with him or her throughout the day, following him or her from period to period.

After searching for a few seconds, while everyone was busy politely inviting a potential friend to come with him or her, I found Sarang, a Korean girl who immigrated from South Korea when she was in second grade.  She was a junior, so we didn’t really have any classes in common.  In fact, she was completely bored when I brought her to my Calculus class.  I felt bad, but what I could do?  My Calculus teacher refused to teach an interesting lesson, despite our pleading the days prior.  She was, however, amused by my gay Biology teacher, a witty man who cracked jokes when he wasn’t in a cranky mood.

Throughout the entire day, I would just bring something up about my school, and she would reply with a description of how things are in her school.  Most of the things we talked about showed that our schools have several differences, one of which is the existence of a Cosmetology room in our school.  They don’t have one, so they were pretty amazed when we entered the salon setting.

I’m pretty excited for Friday now, when we Belleville students go to Old Tappan to see their school.


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