The Heart of the Mystery


So, here’s the thing, not that anyone’s actually reading this.

The date is May 22, 2010.  The time is 12:02 AM.

Since the end of the project was nearing, I decided to see if the figures were right, i.e. if by the end of the project, I indeed would have 365 posts.  I found a discrepancy where I was basically missing one post.

So then I started panicking.

“What?!  Where is it?!  How is that possible?”

I chose to approach the situation by actually going through all my posts, checking that I didn’t miss any dates.  I started from May, figuring that, if I accidentally missed a post, it would most likely be in this month, since my head has been MIA lately when it came to the project.

Fortunately, I found the mistake in March.  And it is this mischievous post right here that caused the discrepancy.  I have no idea how it happened, but I just didn’t post one for this date.

Well, here it is.


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