How Depressing


Now that all my duties to the musical and Stage Tech are completed, I now have more time for my friends.  To start off, I decided to hang out with Marie and John today, who planned on going to Jersey City to buy food for some party tomorrow in school.  I tagged along, looking forward to get some food from the bakery from which they were going to buy.

I didn’t know that I’d go on a binge.  Every store we went to, I bought something to eat.  Not only did I buy them, I devoured them.

Something about gloomy days just make me want to eat.

We also went to Edgewater to just hang out in Mitsuwa.  The New York City skyline was concealed by a thick fog.  It was funny because upon seeing this, my friends and I made a joke about how not seeing New York City is probably a thing of wonder to people who live in that area, since they’re so used to seeing it all the time.


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