Lighten Up, Jeremy


Still a bit angry at my parents for yesterday, I marched out of the house to hang out with my friends after another lecture from my parents about why they didn’t let me go to Boston.  We went to Newport to go eat at Babo.

On the way there, Lawrence got a call from his parents that his entire family was going to Harrisburg in half an hour.  Lawrence immediately then asked his mom if he could bring some friends.  Out of all the people in the car, only Orion and I were interested.   I felt that going to Harrisburg would cancel out the Boston fail.  I called my parents and told them all the details, including the fact that Lawrence’ parents were the ones driving.  They let me go, and as soon as I got home from Babo, I packed up and ran out of the house.

The ride lasted two hours, mostly spent playing Pokémon and sleeping.

When we finally got off the car, we were in what seemed to be a suburb of Harrisburg.  Lawrence’s relatives, who were very hospitable, welcomed us into their home, where Orion and I felt a little awkward for being outsiders.  But the feeling quickly dissipated after they started talking to us and made us feel at home.

Later that evening, the three of us decided to walk around the neighborhood, despite the darkness.  Actually, because of the darkness, we decided to light some sparklers.

It’s a really quiet neighborhood.  The streets were desolate, so I doubt a lot of people, if any, noticed us illuminate the parking lot where we were.

When we ran out of sparklers, we continued to walk around the neighborhood, feeling like hoodlums for being out at such a late hour.  But we’re good kids.


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