Friday Spontaneity


Having been out for every day of my spring break, I wasn’t really feeling the time I spent at home today (although I did get a good dose of Pokémon).  My sisters and I were supposed to commute to New York to meet my parents and watch some Broadway or something around 3:30 pm, but I was still up for doing something before we had to get ready.

So, I contacted my friend Elisa, who, just a week ago, vowed to get on top of my roof because doing so on her own roof would have been perilous.  She wanted to see what all the fuss I’ve been making was about.  Her reply was swift—a yes.

I picked her up from her house because she lived pretty much on the other side of town.  Then, I climbed out of my window, coaxing her to follow.  She was afraid, since the roof right outside my window was slanted, but after a few minutes, I finally convinced her that I got her and that if she were to die, I would jump off my roof and kill myself.  We then climbed up the slanted roof and onto the flat roof above my room.

Hang-out time: 1 hour.  It was very short, and I hope she understands.


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