Deck-a-Wall Week Commence


In my school, there’s this competition in which each class is given a certain part of the hallway, and each one has to decorate it according to a selected theme.  It’s called Deck-a-Wall or Deck-a-Halls.  I’m not really sure which one’s correct.

Each class is given two days to put up decorations and put everything into order.   Those two days are this Wednesday and Thursday.  Two hours each day, so by those two days, it would be really sensible if everything we need to put up are already made, including characters, props, decorations, etc.  (Not everything has to be made, however.)

Two years ago, as sophomores, my class received first place with the theme cereal.  We had all these cereal characters like Tony the Tiger, Snap, Crackle, Pop, Trix Rabbit, etc.  We probably started working on it the week prior to Deck-a-Wall Week and for many days after school, I had to run to my friend’s house where everyone gathered to work on it.  I took care of many of the drawings, which, with my then-amateur art skills (not that they’re phenomenal now), were not easy to do.

Since this competition does cater to creativity and the arts, and it was canceled last year, I was really excited for this year to really go all out with the seniors.  My art skills have gotten better, and I couldn’t wait to get started. The theme?  Alice in Wonderland.

I planned to have people start working on it last week, since this week is Deck-a-Wall Week, but unfortunately, not too many people were available. In fact, no one was.   In a last attempt to gather people in one place, I invited everyone over my house today in order to really get started.

No one replied.

I lost almost all hope until my friend Anthony, who worked on Deck-a-Wall with us as sophomores and freshmen, said that he’ll come over.  We only have a few days left, yet he believed it was possible.  I had a general plan of what I wanted to do, but we had no materials.  So, today, Anthony and I set out to collect as many supplies and materials we could find, going from stores to garage sales to trash.

We hit jackpot when we found this garage sale that offered to give us everything we wanted for free after we told them that it was for a school art project.

By that time, I excitedly thought to myself, “This really is possible.”  No characters have been drawn yet, and the layout is still pretty messy, but this might be possible after all.


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