Deck-a-Wall Week Part 3 (Accelerate!)


Today is the first day everyone was allowed to put stuff up on the walls.  It’s a normal technique for some classes to put practically nothing up on the first day.  Perhaps a few tablecloths to serve as background and maybe a bunch of clouds made out of cotton and bushes made of construction paper.

By the time the seniors left the hall today at 6:00 pm, two hours after Deck-a-Wall officially started, those were exactly what we had.  Minus the clouds.  And the bushes.  You can probably cut the number of tablecloths in half too.

You see, when we left that hall today, all we had up were three black tablecloths on the wall, covering only about half of the hallway that was designated to the seniors.  It didn’t look promising.  It was mostly my fault.  Poor planning and organization.  Janelle and Dorcas were demanding a layout from me, but I had none to present.  All I had were floating ideas that were or weren’t going to happen.  All hopes of winning began to seep away.  Perhaps the formidable sophomores were going to win after all.

I tried not to let myself succumb to despair though.  That night, at Dorcas’ house, to which we all migrated from my house, I tried to think of something remarkable that we can put on the wall, after Janelle told me how everything seemed so boring.  I don’t know.  Something like that because three years ago, the senior class had a papier-mâché snake from Aladdin.

My AHA! moment came when I thought of creating a life-sized character.   When we did cereal, Dorcas asked me to make a life-sized Tony the Tiger, which failed because I wasn’t very adept with drawing in big scale.  I tried to take a stab at it this time, and what better character to draw than the Queen of Hearts herself.

Basically, the night was spent finalizing everything, getting everything we wanted to go up ready.  I still had no layout, just ideas that I hoped would translate perfectly when we try to carry it out tomorrow.  Hope, hope, hope.

We only have one day left, and we need to accelerate.


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