Deck-a-Wall Week Part 4 (Pit Stop)


It’s been a long day.

Anthony and I didn’t leave Dorcas house until about 5 o’clock this morning.  I can barely remember what we were even working on, but I just remember driving back home in the twilight, giving my parents a quick hug, and dragging my feet up the stairs to my room, where I slept for half an hour before going to school.

After school, ’twas full throttle.  The first thing we did was complete the background of tablecloths.  While waiting for these to arrive (Anthony still had to buy them), I was once again berated for not having a layout.  We had so many characters without ideas of where they were supposed to go.  Well, I had them in my head, but no one knew what the heck they were.  Janelle kept asking me, “Where does this go?  How about this one?  Where the hell is this one going?”  But she wasn’t speaking in a curious tone; she was speaking in a “You have no effin’ idea what the hell you’re doing right now” tone.

At that point, I didn’t know how to tackle it anymore.  I was sort of just standing there, dumbfounded, watching in slow motion how things would unfold.  I didn’t know what to tell these people who relied on me, presumably the person in charge.  I guess I didn’t expect to have so much control over everything, thinking that there would be others to hold the reins with me.

Soon, fortunately, people started to take some control themselves.  Instead of “What do you want me to do?” they were asking “Can I do this?” or “Is it all right for me to do this?”  I didn’t need to think of everything anymore.  I just had to say if they were good ideas or not.  Most of the time, I said yes, and they did what they had to do.  Soon, everyone had a task or two at hand, and everyone was working.  Whew.  At the same time, I think everyone was enjoying the experience as well, marveling at how everything was unfolding.

But please don’t think that everything went smoothly.  However, by the end of the day, I was really proud of how everything turned out.  One picture cannot convey the magnificence that we’ve pulled from working for three days straight.  Yes, I do believe it looked pretty awesome.

Fortunately, we have one more hour tomorrow to put some finishing touches on the hallway.  A few of us returned to Dorcas’ house to work on some final illustrations to put up.  What a week.


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