Deck-a-Wall Week Part 5 (Finish Line)


We definitely tried to squeeze as much as we could in that one hour we had today before school.  Some things that had to be done were done crudely just for the sake of having them done.  Near the end, some got frantic about how some things were going wrong, notably the fact that we had such a terrible boombox for the CD we were supposed to play.  I was one of them.

In the end, we were able to fix it, and all we had to think about was judging, which was to happen the entire day.

Throughout the day, I tried as much as possible to pass by the hallway just to see our hard work.  People commended our work, despite their disbelief at the trash we put up Wednesday.  The hallway looked so nice.

The freshman class didn’t do so well with their beach theme, and all I can say about the juniors is that they tried.  The sophomore class did a pretty awesome job with Sesame Street, especially since it’s their first time.  They had some impressive 3D objects, and the Sesame Street theme song sure brought some nostalgia to the passersby.  They’re definitely the class to beat this year.

The principal announced the winners near the end of the day.  Freshmen got fourth, and juniors got third.  He then stated that the scores for the first and second place winners were very close.  Dorcas and I jumped and cheered when we found out that the sophomores got second place.  We won!  Those sleepless nights paid off. *insert more happy statements*

“Nothing is impossible,” said the doorknob.


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