The Reward of Playing Hooky


A well-prepared breakfast, thanks to StumbleUpon.

OK, well this was actually my lunch, but I think it’s really meant for breakfast.

Anyway, now that school is nearing its end, my level of concern for my education is going down.  I know I’m going to graduate, so I don’t need to go to school as much.  Awesome philosophy, right?  I’m convinced though that when college begins in a few months, I’ll return to my studious self from freshman year.

So now when I feel like I don’t need to be in school, I’ll just stay home.  My parents don’t mind.

My only advice to anyone is to not show up to school the same day you’re absent, or else one of your nasty teachers will report you to the vice-principal, who will then interrogate you about why you weren’t in school today.

“I was sick today.”

He then takes note of how I don’t look sick, i.e. I’m not wearing a lot of clothes to cover up and I’m wearing mere flip-flops.

“I just dropped off my sister for a bit.”

“Go home. ”


OK, I wouldn’t say that last part, but wow, this is like strike two with the vice-principal.


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