No Flash Photography


You know, for the most part, I’m open to new experiences, especially those with cultural significance.   Ever since I’ve been friends with Pooja, I’ve been exposed to a lot of, um, Indian customs and traditions.  (I’m not sure if there’s a more accurate term than “Indian.”)

Today, I was invited by Joe who was invited by Pooja to be photographers for this birthday party.  It was held at this spa place owned by Pooja’s mom called “Studio Sush.”  It wasn’t a kid’s party but a “grown-up” celebration, for lack of better terminology.

Practically all the guests were of Indian descent.  However, they weren’t the FOBs, as Pooja calls them, that you find in your nearest 7-Eleven.  They were excellent English speakers, comparable to a Kumar.

Unfortunately, the flash bulb of my camera is broken, so all my pictures came out bad.  Feeling useless, I opted to wait on the guests, offering hors d’œuvre.  It was all Indian cuisine, and I was tempted to eat them all.  So, when there were leftovers, I returned to the kitchen and stole a few bites.  Yea, I’m fat.

Throughout the party, many of the adults were drinking.  Later on, the DJ initiated the dance party.  Mostly Indian music, each of which seemed to have had a corresponding dance, all of which Pooja demonstrated.  It was pretty funny.  Joe did his “white boy dance,” which we all tried to copy.  Then, he danced with Pooja’s mom, who was apparently gyrating or something.  I missed it because I went somewhere for a bit.  When I came back, Pooja was like, “You missed it!”

Before we left the party, we ate some more Indian food.  Rice, lentils, chicken.  I love food.


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