Knock knock

“Who’s there?”

Drawing in PhysicsAlthough my real name is Jeremy, I’ve been called by many different names, including Jeremiah, J, J-Man, J-Bone, Jer, Jer Bear, and Big Red Berry. I used to be slightly bothered by these, but now I enjoy the liberties my friends and acquaintances take in calling me. Still, what’s in a name, right?


Art is one of my many interests, but it has been confined to the realm of drawing. These days, doodling is the only manifestation of my artistic side. In order to expand my horizons, I agreed with my friend Kelly to begin Project 365, a photographic project that requires us to take a photograph every day for one year. This is the purpose of this blog, to document the different aspects of my life through images.

“That’s not funny.”



5 Responses to “Knock knock”

  1. Hi, Jeremy. I like your blog. It’s a neat idea! I am trying to add more photos to my blog but I sometimes have a hard time coming up with content.
    Anyway, I can’t find an email address for you, but I wanted to let you know that I am adding you to my blogroll. (Hope you don’t mind!)

  2. Thank you! I don’t mind at all. I will do the same.

    And yes, content can be difficult, but luckily for my project, since a picture is always required, content can usually be based off the image. Why don’t you try that? Instead of trying to find images to fit the post, try writing about a photograph you randomly took.

  3. highaltitude Says:

    Hi Jeremy,
    Thanks for the comment. You have a nice blog!

  4. Hey Jer. It’s me. Hi. Just dropping by. haha

  5. I like our gravatars. I think they look cool.

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