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Picture Perfect

Posted in Awards, Events, Field Trips, Friends, Out of Town, School with tags on June 6, 2010 by Jeremy


It started with math; it ends with math.  It started with something yellow; it ends with someone yellow.

I guess it would be appropriate to commence this project with math, a topic that I can say represents me very well.  I participated in a math competition today, the focus of my mind for the past few days. The excitement that had been brewing culminated in the events of today, only to be transformed into pure disappointment and regret when faced with defeat.  Disappointment for losing and regret for failing to study properly. Still, despite the unwanted results, there was free lemonade.  It wasn’t very tasty.

Parallelogram, 365,000 Words, May 27, 2009

The only difference would be the fact that I’m now ending this project and that I didn’t have lemonade this time.

I’m definitely proud of the fact that I was able to see the consummation of this project. In the beginning, I was almost certain there would be a day that I forget to take a picture, and there were a few close calls.

I feel like this project couldn’t have come at a better time.  It was the year of many changes in my life in the ways I deal with people to the ways I think.  They haven’t all been good, but that’s not a reason to forget them.  With these pictures, I’ve been able to “document” these transitions in my life.

Now, I’m really thinking of pursuing this further.  Let’s see how far I’ll get.

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Screw Up

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[I’m pretty sure I forgot my camera cord at the hotel for the FBLA trip, so here I am with millions of pictures stuck in my camera.  I don’t know how and when I’ll ever get to upload them.]

The second day of the FBLA State Leadership Conference.  The big thing today was the Awards Ceremony, where we would obviously find out if we won the competitions or not.

I was really excited for everyone.  Like really.  When students from my school were called out loud because they were finalists, I started jumping up and down my seat.  One team got third place, and one got second place.  It felt like I won when their names were called.

The announcement of the finalists for my event was last, and after all the excitement that I felt and the anticipation, I was met with much disappointment when I won fourth place for Word Processing II, a fairly easy event.

Some people tried to console me by saying, “Fourth in the state!  That’s still really good.”  But I looked back at how well I did last year and saw myself from that angle.  “I’m screwing up,” I told myself.

Elliptical Machines and Lovely Bloggers

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I tagged along a few friends from the karate school to exercise/work out at some gym today.  It was pretty productive.  I realized how elliptical machines totally pwn treadmills.  After that, we went into the room above and did some karate.  It was funny how some people watched through the windows.

Ah.  Too bad I love to eat.

In other news, I was awarded by Erin from A Beatnik’s Beat on Life the “One Lovely Blog Award.”

One Lovely Blog

I didn’t even know these award thingies even existed, so I’m glad that I received it.  Thanks you, Erin!  The rules are as follows:

Accept the award by posting it on your blog, along with the name of the person who awarded it to you and his/her blog link.  Then, pass the award to fifteen blogs that you have newly discovered.  Remember to contact the bloggers to notify them that they got the award.  Have fun with these.

I then award the following blogs:

  1. Stuff Asian People Like – I really like reading this blog because often times, I find myself nodding to some of the “Asian tendencies” that the bloggers point out in their posts.
  2. 365 Project – Stefanellie!  Just hang on!  Project 365 will become routine eventually!
  3. Tess’s Japanese Kitchen – I love food.  I love Japanese food, and one day, I will cook all of these dishes.
  4. The Informal Matriarch – I literally stumbled upon this blog a few weeks ago.  I’m not a mother, but nothing beats the love a mother gives her child.  And who doesn’t like love?
  5. I Heart Film – The photographs on my blog pale in comparison to the ones in this blog.  In fact, mine not only pale, but also disintegrate into nothingness.  When I get a professional camera, Chris Tisdale is definitely someone to look up to.
  6. jumbled writings – A blog by Kaia that I very recently discovered.  I haven’t gotten to reading many of her posts, but I’ll get there!  She made some references about some Swedish artists, which I’ve been a little curious about.
  7. jeiemji | anomaly – The photographs on her blog create a very nice atmosphere.  I wish that she would continue to post soon!
  8. The Brownie Project – I love brownies.  ’nuff said.
  9. 365 Days to Remember – Michaels’ been fervently keeping up with Project 365 almost as long as I have, despite having only his camera phone most of the time.  Keep it up!  You should get a battery for your camera soon.
  10. Weird Thriftshop Finds – What an incredibly witty site.  I’m looking forward to their new posts.  Read the captions!
  11. Drink a Toast to Me – Tram has always impressed me with her incredibly writing ability, but now it comes with toppings of nice photographs, arranged in a magazine sort of layout.
  12. How does your garden grow?A well-thought out title for Mary.  I like reading blogs of other high school students, especially if they’re not from around my area.  It lets me see how things are in other parts of the world, eh?
  13. Epiccrush’s Blog – “This blog is where I spazz about my kpop obsessions and thus, that’s what you’ll be expecting to read here.”  Good enough for me.
  14. Mental Bite – The stories here are really nice.  Like he says, you’ll find yourself coming back to them.
  15. Culture kills… wait, I mean cutlery – Now I have to admit that I just found this blog because I realized I only had 14 blogs on the list, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that…the blog is green!  And green’s my second favorite color.  I swear I’ll be reading the stuff here soon!  (Not out of obligation but because they do seem interesting)  Matthew, you believe me, right? Right?

Well, there you go.