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Picture Perfect

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It started with math; it ends with math.  It started with something yellow; it ends with someone yellow.

I guess it would be appropriate to commence this project with math, a topic that I can say represents me very well.  I participated in a math competition today, the focus of my mind for the past few days. The excitement that had been brewing culminated in the events of today, only to be transformed into pure disappointment and regret when faced with defeat.  Disappointment for losing and regret for failing to study properly. Still, despite the unwanted results, there was free lemonade.  It wasn’t very tasty.

Parallelogram, 365,000 Words, May 27, 2009

The only difference would be the fact that I’m now ending this project and that I didn’t have lemonade this time.

I’m definitely proud of the fact that I was able to see the consummation of this project. In the beginning, I was almost certain there would be a day that I forget to take a picture, and there were a few close calls.

I feel like this project couldn’t have come at a better time.  It was the year of many changes in my life in the ways I deal with people to the ways I think.  They haven’t all been good, but that’s not a reason to forget them.  With these pictures, I’ve been able to “document” these transitions in my life.

Now, I’m really thinking of pursuing this further.  Let’s see how far I’ll get.

Click here.

‘Twas a Nice Day

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Placement test today.  I felt so grown-up driving to college.

Bite My Waffles

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OK, I was supposed to write today’s entry an hour ago, but I’ve been stalling because I honestly don’t know what to say.  Actually, it was the title that was eluding me, and, for some reason, I couldn’t start without creating one.

So here I am, writing without a title.

Stayed home all day.  Then, I drove my sisters and one of my sister’s friends to Coldstone.  I’m so nice.

Now about that title…

How New York

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Little did I know that I’d be back in NYC so soon after yesterday.

“I want hot cocoa,” Joe said.

So, we went to Times Square.

Did we get hot cocoa?  No.

Mother Earth Speaks

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For the last two years, I participated in the AIDS Walk at Central Park, but this year, my friend Stefany, a vegan who came with me last year, said that she was going to the Veggie Pride Parade in NYC today instead.   So I figured, I might as well try this one this year.

I drove Tram, Michael, and myself to the parade and had some trouble with parking.  We were late, so we missed the actual parade, and we just met up with Stefany, her sister Cindy, and Andre in Union Square where the parade ended.  Practically everyone was advocating for animal rights and stuff.  I couldn’t really relate, since I do eat meat, but it was interesting to hear and see this gathering.

Then, later on, Stefany participated in this costume contest, where all competitors supposedly won something.  The emcee announced the names of the winners who received some great prizes.  Each one was dressed as a fruit or vegetable or something “homemade,” since those were what the emcee apparently appreciated the most.  So, as we saw two asparagus, a bunch of berries, and a girl in a bikini made of lettuce take the stage, get recognized, and receive wonderful gift certificates to delicious-sounding restaurants, Andre and I were wondering if Stefany was going to “win.”  When she was later called, we saw the emcee hand her a book.  She wasn’t even featured.  Stefany later told us that the winners were all friends with the emcee.  Stupid.  I thought Stefany had such a well-thought out costume.


Bitter Work

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This week, we have two talent shows back-to-back—one on Thursday, one on Friday.  The first one is actually a competition between each class, each one having three acts.   The second one is just a show.

Today’s the dress rehearsal for the first show, aptly called “Battle of the Classes.”  Of course, I had to work for Stage Tech.  It’s definitely becoming bitter work.

Academic Euphoria

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That’s right—the title is “Academic Euphoria.”  It felt good studying for my AP Bio exam for five hours at Barnes and Noble.  It’s tomorrow, and I think I’m ready.  I mean, I’ve had to stuff a year’s worth of information into my head for the past few days because my teacher hasn’t really done a good job doing that.  It felt good finally knowing things.

Caught in the Act

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Now we have evidence of why these environmentalists are called tree-huggers.

‘Twas a marvelous spring day, the latter half of which I spent inside studying for the AP Bio exam.

Not Gourmet at All

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My friends didn’t like this ice cream from the Costco food court that I said tasted wonderful.  I think it was because it was covered in almonds.  The first time I tried it, it didn’t have almonds.

No Flash Photography

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You know, for the most part, I’m open to new experiences, especially those with cultural significance.   Ever since I’ve been friends with Pooja, I’ve been exposed to a lot of, um, Indian customs and traditions.  (I’m not sure if there’s a more accurate term than “Indian.”)

Today, I was invited by Joe who was invited by Pooja to be photographers for this birthday party.  It was held at this spa place owned by Pooja’s mom called “Studio Sush.”  It wasn’t a kid’s party but a “grown-up” celebration, for lack of better terminology.

Practically all the guests were of Indian descent.  However, they weren’t the FOBs, as Pooja calls them, that you find in your nearest 7-Eleven.  They were excellent English speakers, comparable to a Kumar.

Unfortunately, the flash bulb of my camera is broken, so all my pictures came out bad.  Feeling useless, I opted to wait on the guests, offering hors d’œuvre.  It was all Indian cuisine, and I was tempted to eat them all.  So, when there were leftovers, I returned to the kitchen and stole a few bites.  Yea, I’m fat.

Throughout the party, many of the adults were drinking.  Later on, the DJ initiated the dance party.  Mostly Indian music, each of which seemed to have had a corresponding dance, all of which Pooja demonstrated.  It was pretty funny.  Joe did his “white boy dance,” which we all tried to copy.  Then, he danced with Pooja’s mom, who was apparently gyrating or something.  I missed it because I went somewhere for a bit.  When I came back, Pooja was like, “You missed it!”

Before we left the party, we ate some more Indian food.  Rice, lentils, chicken.  I love food.