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When the Lightbulb is Off

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Show-and-Tell 6 (The Cat Wins)

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All right, all right.  Before I get bombarded with “How could you?” comments (not that anyone actually reads this), let me start by saying that…

Eh, I don’t know where to start.

Hm…Perhaps a Show-and-Tell episode would be more appropriate.  *changes title*



I was literally just brushing my teeth.


So, you just zapped me out of my bathroom so I can do some unscheduled work.  What if I were tending to some other business?

Nothing is ever scheduled here.  And what are you talking about “zapped out”?

I’m going to simplify this for you as much as I can.  Basically, I was at home, doing my own thing because I knew I didn’t have to work today.  Your sudden change of mind literally pulled me out of my home so that I can serve Your Highness immediately.

How is that possible?

I don’t know. Something about neurons and dendrites.  It’s all in the Barron’s AP Bio book you were studying a couple of weeks ago.


Well, now that I’m here.  What the heck do you want to—

Is that a f****** cat?  A f****** dead cat?


What the f***?

OK, first, I want to say that it was either this picture or a picture of my lunch from a barbecue the school hosts every year.

Then why the f*** did you use the picture of this cat?

Well, this is something new.  And because I always post pictures of food!

Choosing not to post pictures of food don’t make you any skinnier!


So, tell the audience why the f*** you’re showing them a dead cat.

Because it’s part of my Biology class.  We needed to start dissecting a cat and study its body.

F****** bio.  Of course.

Can you stop cursing?

*stare*  How can I stop, you murderer?  Weren’t you just at a Veggie Pride Parade?  Didn’t they advocate for animal rights?

You got me.  I’m a terrible person.

What will your friend Stef—Wait, what?

I’m a bad person.  I don’t deserve to live.

That’s right.

See you all next time.


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This is my tux.  It took me less than half an hour to find it.

Prom next week.  May 28th.

Where’s Sensibility?

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adj.  Willing to take or seek out risks; bold and venturesome

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

Just Ugly

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One use for a journal

Battle of the Classes today.  The senior class didn’t do so well.

It’s not a good week for photographs so far.

Just Random

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Do you see my fingerprints?

Academic Euphoria

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That’s right—the title is “Academic Euphoria.”  It felt good studying for my AP Bio exam for five hours at Barnes and Noble.  It’s tomorrow, and I think I’m ready.  I mean, I’ve had to stuff a year’s worth of information into my head for the past few days because my teacher hasn’t really done a good job doing that.  It felt good finally knowing things.

New Life

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We’re supposed to be creating our own experiments involving tropism for my AP Bio class.  None of us really know what we’re doing, except that we need to take care of these plants that we brought in a few weeks ago.

Today, there was a dance show in school, where all the dance students performed.  You know those times when you just feel like you can do something someone else is doing?  That’s how I feel about dancing.

The End

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Know what you want, or else you might lose the opportunity to claim it when it’s gone.

Television Happiness

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Family Guy is one of the few shows I enjoy on TV.  Like my English teacher once said, it contains a lot of references to culture and current events that make me want to pat my shoulder when I understand them.

Don’t think though that the reason Family Guy is only “one of the few” that I watch is because I think everything else is garbage.  I’m just not a big TV fan, and I watch the shows that I’ve been watching for a long time.

In other news, May is going to be the last month for my Project 365.  I’ve enjoyed the project overall, and I’m pretty sad that it’s going to end.   That’s why I’ve been thinking about continuing it for the rest of my life and see how far I can go.  That’s something to think about.