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Bitter Work

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This week, we have two talent shows back-to-back—one on Thursday, one on Friday.  The first one is actually a competition between each class, each one having three acts.   The second one is just a show.

Today’s the dress rehearsal for the first show, aptly called “Battle of the Classes.”  Of course, I had to work for Stage Tech.  It’s definitely becoming bitter work.


No Flash Photography

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You know, for the most part, I’m open to new experiences, especially those with cultural significance.   Ever since I’ve been friends with Pooja, I’ve been exposed to a lot of, um, Indian customs and traditions.  (I’m not sure if there’s a more accurate term than “Indian.”)

Today, I was invited by Joe who was invited by Pooja to be photographers for this birthday party.  It was held at this spa place owned by Pooja’s mom called “Studio Sush.”  It wasn’t a kid’s party but a “grown-up” celebration, for lack of better terminology.

Practically all the guests were of Indian descent.  However, they weren’t the FOBs, as Pooja calls them, that you find in your nearest 7-Eleven.  They were excellent English speakers, comparable to a Kumar.

Unfortunately, the flash bulb of my camera is broken, so all my pictures came out bad.  Feeling useless, I opted to wait on the guests, offering hors d’œuvre.  It was all Indian cuisine, and I was tempted to eat them all.  So, when there were leftovers, I returned to the kitchen and stole a few bites.  Yea, I’m fat.

Throughout the party, many of the adults were drinking.  Later on, the DJ initiated the dance party.  Mostly Indian music, each of which seemed to have had a corresponding dance, all of which Pooja demonstrated.  It was pretty funny.  Joe did his “white boy dance,” which we all tried to copy.  Then, he danced with Pooja’s mom, who was apparently gyrating or something.  I missed it because I went somewhere for a bit.  When I came back, Pooja was like, “You missed it!”

Before we left the party, we ate some more Indian food.  Rice, lentils, chicken.  I love food.

Madame Gertrude

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Three cat-lovers in an animal shelter in a room full of cats.  It was a pleasant way to spend our early afternoon.

Wait, What?

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It was a club meeting.  All the members gathered around the advisers and the officers, awaiting for news of upcoming events.

“For our field trip, we’re going to visit the food bank and offer our time for the betterment of our community!” one of the advisers said.

“Food bank?  What the heck are we going to do?  Mouth-feed some hobo?” a member snarked.

“You’re so offensive.  That would be like a soup kitchen.  I think a food bank gathers and organizes food contributions and then distributes them to soup kitchens, who can then use these donations to feed the hungry, which don’t necessarily have to be hobos,” one of the girls replied matter-of-factly.

“So what do we do?”

“Well, since it’s a food bank, we’re probably going to be handling food.  Probably not cooked though.  Another club who went here a while back said that they handled raw pasta and put them into bags or something.”

“That sounds mildly exciting.”


“Welcome to the F–.  Wait.  I thought you said you had 17 people in your club,” the female director said to our advisers after witnessing the four present members of our club.

“Well, some of them backed out last minute,” an adviser replied.

“Hm.  You’re a small group,” she concluded, leading us to the back of the lobby, through the door, into a warehouse.  A few doors down, and we turned, finding ourselves in a room, completely devoid of food.

“Here we are,” the director said.  “You’re going to be handling the mail.  We have newsletters that need to be sent out, and we need you to open them up, insert these envelopes, and finally seal the edges with two of these stickers.”

With that, the group of six from the Belleville chapter of FBLA was left to handle tons of paper in a food bank.

It’s Not a Chore When You’re Having Fun

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Tram has been bringing up volunteering at this soup kitchen/food pantry for a while now, and I decided to give it a try today.  I thought it was going to be tedious, but I ended up really enjoying it.


  • placing the tablecloths on the tables
  • placing the napkins and the utensils next to every seat
  • placing the salt, pepper, and additional napkins
  • asking the visitors to sign in
  • giving each table some cheese, butter, and bread
  • serving each person a plate of salad
  • serving each person a plate of spaghetti and meatballs
  • serving second plates of spaghetti and meatballs
  • serving ice cream
  • cleaning the tables
  • wiping the tables

I realized I probably wouldn’t do this at home (bad son!), but something about working in that environment was just exciting.  It got a little hectic while trying to serve everyone at the same time, but I think that’s what really made it fun.

The people we served were such characters too!  One old woman, who used to be a hairdresser, was talking about putting gel in my hair, and one war veteran was talking about how he prefers muffins over ice cream and how he detests water.  Interacting with them definitely put a smile on my face, although some did get a little demanding with the food at times (can’t blame them, I guess).  To be honest, though, Tram and I didn’t really interact with them that much, but I think next time, we’re going to try and be more congenial.

And I can’t forget about the people we worked with.  They were all really nice, too.  Nice crowd.  Nice crowd.

Really looking forward to the next time we’re there.

You’ll Get There*

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Started volunteering again.  Now with some friends.

*Hopefully, I will.

Autumn Begins

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Indeed, it is officially autumn.  No more scorching summer days and sweaty walks to friends’ houses.  Summer, I used to hate you, but I’m now coming into terms with your heat.

Leaves aren’t exactly falling yet, so I present to you this autumn-themed piece of paper from our public library.  I accompanied my friends to the library today so they could inquire about volunteering during the fall.

Although summer has ended, pain from college-related events continues.  Essays still need to be completed, and the thought of the SATs continue to plague my mind.  They’re all doable, but they become increasingly difficult to manage as the days between right now and the due dates and test dates pass.  I feel overwhelmed, but I can do this.