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Deck-a-Wall Week Part 5 (Finish Line)

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We definitely tried to squeeze as much as we could in that one hour we had today before school.  Some things that had to be done were done crudely just for the sake of having them done.  Near the end, some got frantic about how some things were going wrong, notably the fact that we had such a terrible boombox for the CD we were supposed to play.  I was one of them.

In the end, we were able to fix it, and all we had to think about was judging, which was to happen the entire day.

Throughout the day, I tried as much as possible to pass by the hallway just to see our hard work.  People commended our work, despite their disbelief at the trash we put up Wednesday.  The hallway looked so nice.

The freshman class didn’t do so well with their beach theme, and all I can say about the juniors is that they tried.  The sophomore class did a pretty awesome job with Sesame Street, especially since it’s their first time.  They had some impressive 3D objects, and the Sesame Street theme song sure brought some nostalgia to the passersby.  They’re definitely the class to beat this year.

The principal announced the winners near the end of the day.  Freshmen got fourth, and juniors got third.  He then stated that the scores for the first and second place winners were very close.  Dorcas and I jumped and cheered when we found out that the sophomores got second place.  We won!  Those sleepless nights paid off. *insert more happy statements*

“Nothing is impossible,” said the doorknob.

Deck-a-Wall Week Part 4 (Pit Stop)

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It’s been a long day.

Anthony and I didn’t leave Dorcas house until about 5 o’clock this morning.  I can barely remember what we were even working on, but I just remember driving back home in the twilight, giving my parents a quick hug, and dragging my feet up the stairs to my room, where I slept for half an hour before going to school.

After school, ’twas full throttle.  The first thing we did was complete the background of tablecloths.  While waiting for these to arrive (Anthony still had to buy them), I was once again berated for not having a layout.  We had so many characters without ideas of where they were supposed to go.  Well, I had them in my head, but no one knew what the heck they were.  Janelle kept asking me, “Where does this go?  How about this one?  Where the hell is this one going?”  But she wasn’t speaking in a curious tone; she was speaking in a “You have no effin’ idea what the hell you’re doing right now” tone.

At that point, I didn’t know how to tackle it anymore.  I was sort of just standing there, dumbfounded, watching in slow motion how things would unfold.  I didn’t know what to tell these people who relied on me, presumably the person in charge.  I guess I didn’t expect to have so much control over everything, thinking that there would be others to hold the reins with me.

Soon, fortunately, people started to take some control themselves.  Instead of “What do you want me to do?” they were asking “Can I do this?” or “Is it all right for me to do this?”  I didn’t need to think of everything anymore.  I just had to say if they were good ideas or not.  Most of the time, I said yes, and they did what they had to do.  Soon, everyone had a task or two at hand, and everyone was working.  Whew.  At the same time, I think everyone was enjoying the experience as well, marveling at how everything was unfolding.

But please don’t think that everything went smoothly.  However, by the end of the day, I was really proud of how everything turned out.  One picture cannot convey the magnificence that we’ve pulled from working for three days straight.  Yes, I do believe it looked pretty awesome.

Fortunately, we have one more hour tomorrow to put some finishing touches on the hallway.  A few of us returned to Dorcas’ house to work on some final illustrations to put up.  What a week.

Deck-a-Wall Week Part 3 (Accelerate!)

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Today is the first day everyone was allowed to put stuff up on the walls.  It’s a normal technique for some classes to put practically nothing up on the first day.  Perhaps a few tablecloths to serve as background and maybe a bunch of clouds made out of cotton and bushes made of construction paper.

By the time the seniors left the hall today at 6:00 pm, two hours after Deck-a-Wall officially started, those were exactly what we had.  Minus the clouds.  And the bushes.  You can probably cut the number of tablecloths in half too.

You see, when we left that hall today, all we had up were three black tablecloths on the wall, covering only about half of the hallway that was designated to the seniors.  It didn’t look promising.  It was mostly my fault.  Poor planning and organization.  Janelle and Dorcas were demanding a layout from me, but I had none to present.  All I had were floating ideas that were or weren’t going to happen.  All hopes of winning began to seep away.  Perhaps the formidable sophomores were going to win after all.

I tried not to let myself succumb to despair though.  That night, at Dorcas’ house, to which we all migrated from my house, I tried to think of something remarkable that we can put on the wall, after Janelle told me how everything seemed so boring.  I don’t know.  Something like that because three years ago, the senior class had a papier-mâché snake from Aladdin.

My AHA! moment came when I thought of creating a life-sized character.   When we did cereal, Dorcas asked me to make a life-sized Tony the Tiger, which failed because I wasn’t very adept with drawing in big scale.  I tried to take a stab at it this time, and what better character to draw than the Queen of Hearts herself.

Basically, the night was spent finalizing everything, getting everything we wanted to go up ready.  I still had no layout, just ideas that I hoped would translate perfectly when we try to carry it out tomorrow.  Hope, hope, hope.

We only have one day left, and we need to accelerate.

Deck-a-Wall Week Part 2

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With Anthony’s help, I was able to get some people to come to my house today after school to get started on some illustrations.  Four steps: drawing, tracing, painting, retracing.

Today, I drew Tweedledee, Tweedledum, the Mad Hatter, and the King of Hearts, while our friend Rhianna took care of the March Hare and the Dormouse.  Michael and Aissa worked on six of the singing flowers from the garden scene.  Joe Salem helped a lot with the tracing, and he did pretty well.  We had a few others help out with some other stuff, but the ones mentioned were the core for the artwork today.

That’s what happened after school until early evening.  When night fell, things started to look bad again.  I was hoping people would stay really late (until about midnight) and help us complete the characters, but many had to go home early.  By twelve, only Anthony was left, and we tried painting the twins.  Later on, desperately in need of help, we went to Dunkin Donuts to pick up Dorcas, who has dubbed herself the Queen of Deck-a-Wall for the tremendous work and effort she put into it two years ago.  When she saw Tweedledee and Tweedledum, she told us how much our painting sucked.

“How can we expect to get anything done if only two people are willing to work on it endlessly?” I thought to myself.  Hope began to diminish.

Deck-a-Wall Week Commence

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In my school, there’s this competition in which each class is given a certain part of the hallway, and each one has to decorate it according to a selected theme.  It’s called Deck-a-Wall or Deck-a-Halls.  I’m not really sure which one’s correct.

Each class is given two days to put up decorations and put everything into order.   Those two days are this Wednesday and Thursday.  Two hours each day, so by those two days, it would be really sensible if everything we need to put up are already made, including characters, props, decorations, etc.  (Not everything has to be made, however.)

Two years ago, as sophomores, my class received first place with the theme cereal.  We had all these cereal characters like Tony the Tiger, Snap, Crackle, Pop, Trix Rabbit, etc.  We probably started working on it the week prior to Deck-a-Wall Week and for many days after school, I had to run to my friend’s house where everyone gathered to work on it.  I took care of many of the drawings, which, with my then-amateur art skills (not that they’re phenomenal now), were not easy to do.

Since this competition does cater to creativity and the arts, and it was canceled last year, I was really excited for this year to really go all out with the seniors.  My art skills have gotten better, and I couldn’t wait to get started. The theme?  Alice in Wonderland.

I planned to have people start working on it last week, since this week is Deck-a-Wall Week, but unfortunately, not too many people were available. In fact, no one was.   In a last attempt to gather people in one place, I invited everyone over my house today in order to really get started.

No one replied.

I lost almost all hope until my friend Anthony, who worked on Deck-a-Wall with us as sophomores and freshmen, said that he’ll come over.  We only have a few days left, yet he believed it was possible.  I had a general plan of what I wanted to do, but we had no materials.  So, today, Anthony and I set out to collect as many supplies and materials we could find, going from stores to garage sales to trash.

We hit jackpot when we found this garage sale that offered to give us everything we wanted for free after we told them that it was for a school art project.

By that time, I excitedly thought to myself, “This really is possible.”  No characters have been drawn yet, and the layout is still pretty messy, but this might be possible after all.