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So Academic

Posted in Belleville, Events, School with tags , , , on May 17, 2010 by Jeremy


AP Calculus exam this morning.  It was a bit harder than I expected, but I don’t think I did too bad.  Hopefully, things will turn out as great as they did last year with AP Chem.  AP Bio exam this coming Monday.

Then, I went to this ceremony where all the valedictorians and salutatorians from public schools in my county were recognized.  Yea, that’s right, I’m the valedictorian!  Got a problem?


What’s the Point?

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Test tomorrow, but only the final exam matters.

Still Behind Schedule

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Well, here’s the cover for The Alchemist that I made on Photoshop a few days ago.  I was just able to print it out today because I needed to go to Staples for their printing.  I know that the color scheme is very similar to an actual cover of The Alchemist.  That’s because I thought it was a very good color to represent the desert, the setting for the majority of the events in the book.  This was my second time working with Photoshop independently.

Today was supposed to be summer work day, and it was.  I’m practically done with my AP Bio work.  Tomorrow, I just need to finish an essay and a PowerPoint presentation for AP Italian.   Both in one day.  One day before school starts.  I can do this. I promise I will not be sleeping well past midnight tomorrow.

My Room Is an Ecosystem

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“After you eat, Jeremy, don’t immediately go up to your room,” my dad said.  It’s funny how true this is.  Of course, I’ve been aware of it.  It wasn’t the first time I heard it.  Yes, yes.  I only emerge out of my room to grab some munchies downstairs in the kitchen.  That includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I can’t help it.  The confines of my room, which contains the sacred computer, is so comfortable.

Anyway, I began one of my summer AP assignments.  The work for AP Biology is quite demanding, and I guess I’m trying to change my lazy ways by starting early, although I can’t say today was very productive.  StumbleUpon isn’t very helpful.  That’s what I get for having only one desk in my room, on which the computer was placed.

Room information:

  • Many populations of organisms, including one human (occasionally, two to three), many species of insects and arthropods, and perhaps an abundance of microscopic organisms.
  • A collection of non-living objects, e.g. a bed, a hamper of dirty clothes, a shelf of books from elementary school, stray water bottles, etc.
  • Temperature: The temperature in the room likes to mimic outside conditions.  Usually, too well.  If it’s cold outside, it’s probably colder in it.  If it’s warm outside, the room’s probably scorching.

P.S. Tomorrow, I hopefully find out whether the other USB drives contain the pictures that are missing from last week.  *crosses fingers*