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Deck-a-Wall Week Commence

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In my school, there’s this competition in which each class is given a certain part of the hallway, and each one has to decorate it according to a selected theme.  It’s called Deck-a-Wall or Deck-a-Halls.  I’m not really sure which one’s correct.

Each class is given two days to put up decorations and put everything into order.   Those two days are this Wednesday and Thursday.  Two hours each day, so by those two days, it would be really sensible if everything we need to put up are already made, including characters, props, decorations, etc.  (Not everything has to be made, however.)

Two years ago, as sophomores, my class received first place with the theme cereal.  We had all these cereal characters like Tony the Tiger, Snap, Crackle, Pop, Trix Rabbit, etc.  We probably started working on it the week prior to Deck-a-Wall Week and for many days after school, I had to run to my friend’s house where everyone gathered to work on it.  I took care of many of the drawings, which, with my then-amateur art skills (not that they’re phenomenal now), were not easy to do.

Since this competition does cater to creativity and the arts, and it was canceled last year, I was really excited for this year to really go all out with the seniors.  My art skills have gotten better, and I couldn’t wait to get started. The theme?  Alice in Wonderland.

I planned to have people start working on it last week, since this week is Deck-a-Wall Week, but unfortunately, not too many people were available. In fact, no one was.   In a last attempt to gather people in one place, I invited everyone over my house today in order to really get started.

No one replied.

I lost almost all hope until my friend Anthony, who worked on Deck-a-Wall with us as sophomores and freshmen, said that he’ll come over.  We only have a few days left, yet he believed it was possible.  I had a general plan of what I wanted to do, but we had no materials.  So, today, Anthony and I set out to collect as many supplies and materials we could find, going from stores to garage sales to trash.

We hit jackpot when we found this garage sale that offered to give us everything we wanted for free after we told them that it was for a school art project.

By that time, I excitedly thought to myself, “This really is possible.”  No characters have been drawn yet, and the layout is still pretty messy, but this might be possible after all.

Artistic Experimentation!

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This was a safety shot.  I had to wake up really early for a Saturday (8:00 am) for a Stage Tech assignment in school.  Yes, I was in school on a Saturday.

Afterwards, I was pretty much out with a friend until I got home later that evening, at which point I was pretty tired, but protocol calls for me to sit in front of the computer as soon as I get home.

As I usually do when I’m tired but too lazy to go to bed, I reclined my computer chair, placed my feet on the bed, and took a nap.  I woke up about ten minutes later and decided to take a random picture of whatever was on my computer desk.  Then, I proceeded to sleep.  I woke up after midnight, thankful that I took a picture.  To my horror, I discovered that my photographs were pretty weird.

I had a another photograph that I could’ve chosen, taken while I was half-asleep, but it was a crude self-portrait.  So, no.

And believe me with this next statement!  I’m not a pervert when it comes to art.  Not all the time at least.  That picture at the top right corner is just me experimenting with perspectives!  The figure is holding a can of soda, seemingly handing it to the observer.  Perspective?  Get it?

Screw Engineering! Pursue Art!

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OK! Funny story.  Almost tragic though.

So, last night, I slept really late because I had to finish some English homework while being distracted by a friend online.  I only got about two hours of sleep, so when I got home today, I was pretty tired.   I proceeded to flop onto the bed and take a nap at around 6:30 pm.  I woke up twenty minutes later because of some prickly feeling on my arm.  Still tired, I took my shoes off, turned the lights off, and went under the covers to actually sleep.

I woke up again.  It’s really dark, and I think, “Whoa!  It’s morning already?”  (Go figure.)  I got up, still in my school uniform.  Suddenly, I started freaking out.  I grabbed my bookbag, pulled out a camera from one of the pockets, and checked the last picture I took.  It was from December 17.

“Oh snap!  I forgot to take a picture for the day!  Oh god.  No way!  No freaking way!  I can’t believe this is happening.  After more than six months, this happens?  No way.  You’re so dumb, Jeremy.   You should’ve taken a picture before you took a nap.”

I then rushed to the computer and checked the time.  At this point, I was still panicking, my hands shaking and clutching the camera.  11:28 pm.  It took a few seconds for it to register in my head.  I then check the date.  Friday, December 18, 2009.  Instantly, I smiled.  “Yes!  I’m so lucky!  I can’t believe this!  I still have half an hour left of the day!”

You would think that I took a picture right there and then, but no.  I waited a while before I took one.

But wow, you should’ve seen me panicking in my room.


I often joke around with myself about the topic of what field I should pursue in college.  I want to major in chemical engineering, but I often find myself more interested in art.  In fact, I enjoyed drawing the labels on these folders much more than organizing the information that I need for each college. (Well, that’s probably understandable and expected.)

Anyway, I finally gave my counselor the requirements that need to be mailed to each college that I want to apply to.  It feels like a big load has been taken off my shoulders, but I still have the actual applications to complete.  Essays and such.

No Art Here, Son

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The National Art Honor Society held a sale of the stuff members of the organization have been making for the past few weeks.  Jewelry, charms, figurines, and some pottery.  I didn’t make too many, and I feel bad.  I really need to get into art mode soon.

“You’re So Late”

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I finally got a planner!  I’ve been feeling so lost these past several days of school.  So much homework have been given out already, and so many club meetings have already been announced.  Too stubborn to use anything else to be organized, I basically told myself, “It’s a planner or nothing at all!”

You would think that buying a planner from the nearest Staples would solve the problem, but no.  After the planner I used last year helped me out so much, I couldn’t settle for anything less, and every planner we found in stores was inferior!  My parents scoured many stores around their office in New York to find the same exact planner, but they couldn’t find it.  They would come home with similar-looking planners, hoping to appease my finicky self, but none of their offerings was up to my standards.  I would then ask them to return the planners and keep looking.  Yes, it was a very spoiled attitude, but I usually let something go if it’s too much trouble.

This, however, was big.  I almost succumbed to the desperation of simply having a planner by accepting whatever my parents brought home, but I told myself, “No. Stand by this until you get what you want!  Don’t regret getting a terrible planner!”  Thus, after many failed searches, my mom finally decided to order it directly from the company, and that is how I finally got it.  Thank you! And…Sorry.

Now my planner doesn’t serve merely as an organizer; it’s also “doodle haven.”  I’m going to redo a project that I tried to complete last year.  In each box in my planner that corresponds to a school day, I have to draw something that illustrates something written on that day.  For example, if I wrote “Return books to the library” on one day, I’m going to have to draw a small illustration of that in the box in which I wrote it.  I’ll post a picture one day.

So, for every school day, I need to have a drawing.  I failed last year because I couldn’t keep up with it anymore.  I had the time to draw only up to around April.  This year, I have to finish it!

It’s going to be a busy year.

Show-and-Tell 3 (Cultural y de Madera)

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It’s been a while, hasn’t it?


Let’s cut to the chase, shan’t we?

Shan’t we?

We shall!  What do you have?

It’s from my friend Kelly who went—

I asked what do you have, not where you got it from.

Well, sorry.  *stare*  It’s a souvenir from El Salvador.

I still don’t remember asking where it’s from.

It’s a souvenir.  Just a souvenir.

Now where is it from?

El Salvador.

Who gave it to you?

My friend Kelly

What made her want to give this particular item to you?

Well, she asked me what I wanted from El Salvador, where she was going to for the later half of August.  I was pretty vague about it, so she asked me a few times to be more specific.  Finally, I told her to bring me something wooden and cultural.

Wooden and cultural?  I would’ve had her bring me some food!  This job neither feeds nor pays.

We don’t have to do this.

Suck it up.  I am…with the lack of food and all.  Anyway, how do you feel about this?

I really like it.  I didn’t expect wooden to be like this, but it’s amazing.  Thanks, Kelly!  Thanks for the food from El Salvador too!

There was food?!

Yep.  Good night, everyone.  *burps*

Show-and-Tell 1

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Welcome to the first Show-and-Tell post of this blog!


Please disregard the lack of enthusiasm.

Get on with it.  Please.

All right!  What do we have here today?

Just a bunch of drawings, some from today, some from the past.

Ah, I see.  What made you want to put this for today’s post?

Well, I guess you can call today a drawing day.  I was pretty engrossed in drawing and trying out the Prismacolor colored pencils that I bought yesterday.  That didn’t go well.  At all.  Then, I wanted to take a picture of what I worked on, but the photograph looked empty, so I decided to squeeze in drawings from the past.

Clever. *rolls eyes*

Um, not really.

So why don’t you guide us through some of the drawings depicted?  What’s at the top?

Ah, those.  I was trying to draw an image of a girl falling, viewed from below the face, if you know what I mean.  But it ended up being some sea monster.  “Ah, the water element,” I thought.  Then, I decided to draw representations of earth, wind, and fire.  You can see earth next to water and a glimpse of fire on the corner.

That’s not very original…


How about that one on the right?

That very crudely-drawn “woman” was done last year.  I found it on this notepad on which I frequently doodled last year.  I wouldn’t exactly call it a doodle, but it’s definitely not a masterpiece.  *chuckles*

It’s not a masterpiece, all right.

Anyway, I’ve been attempting to draw more realistic figures rather than the anime that I’ve been accustomed to.  I was never that amazing at anime and cartoons, so I tried to give reality a try.  Still, I can’t really get away from anime, so I decided to put in there another “doodle” from the notepad.  It’s one of my attempts to draw a guy.

He has glasses.

Yes.  Yes, he does.

And at the bottom-left corner?

That’s recent.  Just another attempt to draw a guy.  I don’t believe the proportions are right.

What the heck is he wearing?

Um, I think it’s a sweater.

You should…never mind.  How about the rest?

Well, the only colored drawing is one of the two I tried to color today.  I don’t think it went very well.  I had a 12-color set.  It shouldn’t be an excuse, but I just wanted to put it out there.

Are you saying you’re a terrible artist?

*stare* The last drawing on the left is a portrait that I drew today.  It’s obviously a headshot with the shoulders.  It went better than I expected.  My biggest comment would be the lips, but I’m not sure you can see it clearly from here.

And she’s bald why?

Her head is shaved!  And honestly, I drew it that way because I was too lazy to draw hair, or rather, I probably would’ve failed if I tried.

So, you are a terrible artist?

Thank you all for stopping by.