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Evolves from Oddish

Posted in Out of Town, Summer Vacation with tags , , , , on August 30, 2009 by Jeremy


Maybe it’s just one of those weeks.  You feel like that one thing is big enough to cause everything else to topple down.  For me, it takes a long bike ride to help put everything back together.  It doesn’t mean, however, that everything is fine again.

Anyway, the weather showed signs of coming rain, so the parks weren’t very crowded.  I saw some odd things while biking, including the picture above.  I don’t understand why the ball doesn’t just float downstream.  For some reason, it’s just stuck there.

At a few points around the park, a small stream converges with the river.  Now, when I passed by one of these, I noticed that the tributary had a very odd color.  It was brown.  Not even brownish, just brown.  Completely homogenously brown.  Doesn’t anyone get what I’m saying?  It was brown!

Of course, I was wondering to myself, “What the heck?”  There was no distinct odor, so you know.  It was just brown, feeding the river with its brownness. Why?!


“Make It Look Like We’re Not Lost…”

Posted in Friends, Out of Town with tags , , , , on July 18, 2009 by Jeremy


Biked with friends, despite the almost-unbearably-humid weather.

Got lost in Newark after exploring Branchbrook Park.  Gotta feel the rush of roaming.

We Grow a Little Bit Older

Posted in Belleville with tags , , , , , on July 14, 2009 by Jeremy


Probably the second steepest hill in my town.  I remember either last year or two years ago when I would feel highly exhilarated whenever I rode my bike down this slope.  (Or terrified when I used my rusty scooter with a loose handle and worn out brakes.)  Now, it’s nothing special.  It just feels like I’m being carried by my bike, going really fast.  It’s going, but I’m not pedaling.

These days, I ride down the hill to get somewhere.  Before, I used to go down for the ride.

In other news, my mom did bring back the USB drive, and I found the pictures!  I was really glad, but I got really nervous, too.  For some reason, I was expecting some terrible thing to happen to them as I uploaded them from the USB drive, such as suddenly disappearing or being lost due to a massive blackout.  I didn’t rejoice until I was able to post the pictures in their corresponding days.  Now, those posts are updated with the pictures and some more words.

Is It Just What I Needed?

Posted in Belleville, Friends, Out of Town with tags , on June 14, 2009 by Jeremy


Biking under the sun and the clouds was quite refreshing.  Passing through the parks, encountering strollers, runners, dog walkers and fellow bikers, seeing trees, rivers, and puddles of varying depths, breathing in the “natural” air, and riding with Kelly—all part of the experience.