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Chuck E. Cheese’s With No Pizza

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Marie’s cousin celebrated her birthday today at Dave and Buster’s, and Marie decided to invite a few of us to this gathering even though we have never met her cousin before.  The fact that we were allowed to be in Dave and Buster’s at age 18 probably drew us in.   At the same time, I do miss hanging out with Marie, Lawrence, and Maria, so it was a nice opportunity.

Overall, Dave and Buster’s was a bit underwhelming, in terms of the recreation.  Although we won hundreds of tickets playing all these games, I didn’t have as much fun as I would’ve at Chuck E. Cheese’s at age 10.

However, from a “hanging out with my friends” standpoint, I was more than satisfied.

And for some reason, I really wanted some steak today.


Five Birthdays in One Year

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Yes, Kristine, there are eighteen candles there.

Well, I actually don’t know.

For the longest time, I didn’t know the date of Kristine’s birthday.  (Actually, I’m still not pretty sure.)  I would keep guessing the date within the first two weeks or so of February, hoping that I would get it right, and for some reason, I always leaned towards February 15.

But no, her birthday is actually February 2.  Or February 3.  Or 5.

That’s It for January

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No more January birthdays after Marie’s!

A surprise birthday party at Lawrence’s house led to a very eventful day.  It was a very fat day too.  And a bit lewd.  I think it’s a night that all of us will remember for a while.

The Birthday of This Trinidad

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Lawrence is eighteen now.   Now, he, along with me and John, can do all those things we sort of planned to do during the tennis season last year.  There aren’t that many in the list.  There might, in fact, be only one.  The three of us would know what I’m talking about.

New Chapters

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Despite the numerous dead ends that we’ve come across recently, I hope today marks the beginning of our return to that path in life we’d carved a long time ago when we were much closer.

Belated Happy Birthday, Tram!  I hope those four wishes come true.

And we should definitely read some more.  New books.  New chapters.

Recommended Reading?

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It’s Tram’s birthday today, but the celebration should be next week.

Meanwhile, I’m adding another book to my short reading queue.  Maybe reading with a friend can serve as motivation.

Ready to Get Wet

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Isn’t it annoying when you sing the “Birthday Song” and the name of the birthday celebrant has only one syllable?

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Jooooooooooohn…
Happy birthday to you!

Oh, the musings of a bored mind.