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The Limit Does Not Exist

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I got a new car!  Well, it’s new to me, but it’s actually a 1997 Mitsubishi Galant.  My dad doesn’t trust it that much, so he doesn’t want me to go somewhere far.  So Joe and I just went two towns away to eat some Chipotle and buy this gray marker that I’ve wanted for a while.

We then went to Costco and managed to go past the people in the front who were checking for membership I.D.’s, which neither of us had.  I don’t know why we went.  Probably just because Costco was right there.

Anyway, we were just walking around the place, playing tetherball, looking for pianos.  Joe then decided to buy himself a new camera and a box of Kit Kats for our friend Pooja, who just went through a root canal.  We grabbed both and headed to the checkout counter where the lady told us that we needed a membership I.D. to make a purchase.  Joe tried to reason with her while the woman pictured above tried to convince her to let us buy those items using her own membership I.D.  But the lady would not budge, and she took the box of Kit Kats and the camera away from us and watched us walk away.

However, Joe was intent on buying those two items.  We returned to the store, looking for a young person we can convince to buy the stuff for us.  While we retrieved the Kit Kats and the camera, we found the woman pictured above beckoning us to come to her.  She basically offered to buy the things for us, using her I.D. at a different counter.  She told us to wait where we were as she fetched someone or something.  I don’t really know.

Meanwhile, Joe and I were counting the money, hoping that we even had enough to buy the stuff we wanted to get.  Out of nowhere, we heard a loud whistle, and we saw her again.  Following her to another cash register, Joe and I were laughing at how things were turning out.

After we finally bought the Kit Kats and the camera, we decided we wanted to take a picture with this woman.  We hoped to use the camera we bought, and as we were opening the box, we saw her walking away with her cart.  We asked her to come really quick, and she obliged. Unfortunately, the new battery wasn’t charged, so we had to use my camera.   Good thing I always have mine handy.

The New York City Massacre

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I wasn’t too excited when Tram first invited me to the annual pillow fight in New York City.  I’ve known about the event before, but something about it just wasn’t making me jump out of my seat.

Still, I thought, “Why be a party pooper?  It’s a new experience.  Go for it!”

So, after serving Saturday detention in school this morning, I got prepared to commute to New York with a few friends via train.  I had a pillow in one hand and a backpack on my back.

It was really hot when the fight started.  Everyone was literally right next to each other, with a pillow in each one’s hand.  They were all pushing and shoving, trying to smack the next person with his or her pillow.  I felt a little lost at first, letting the wave of people carry me wherever, trying to hang on to my friends.

Out of nowhere, I see a bunch of stuff scattered on the floor.  It took me a second to realize that my backpack burst open and all the stuff on the ground were mine.  I quickly scrambled to pick them all up with the help of some people around.  Sarah then came up to me and asked if her SLR camera, which she asked me to hold back at the train station, was still in my bag.  I dug my hand into my backpack and discovered that it wasn’t.  Panicking, we searched the area for her camera to no avail.  We exited the crowd, and Sarah, devastated, left the pillow fight to notify the police.  I stood at the edge, confused, sweating, feeling sorry for what happened since I was the one holding her camera.

I didn’t want to be there anymore.  It didn’t feel fun after all.  But then, I realized that it’s really up to me whether this becomes a waste of time.  That is, if I stand brooding outside the crowd, then I definitely wouldn’t have fun.  So, trying to fight the negative thoughts, I charged into the crowd and attempted to smack people with my pillow.  Still it wasn’t fulfilling.

When I found Tram and Val later, Sarah called and told me her mom told her to go home.  We met up to say goodbye, all of us feeling sorry for what happened.

Tram, excited and energetic, pulled me back into the crowds.  Once I allowed myself to get absorbed into the enthusiastic and aggressive atmosphere, I started to have some fun.  Tram’s energy was so infectious that I couldn’t help feeling the same way.  For a long while, Tram and I were picking out random targets and ganged up on them.  One time, Tram coaxed a bunch of people to gang up on me.

Later on, we met up with Kelly, Narmin, her boyfriend, and two other friends.  By this time, the number of people at the fight was dwindling, yet Tram was still ready to tackle more people.  After a while, we decided to make our way to Brooklyn where we visited a thrift shop, met up with Bryan, and ate dinner.

It was a really long day.

When Was the Last Time, Indeed

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It’s been a while since my original group of friends hung out together.  (Well, most of the group…)

Reunions don’t guarantee satisfaction, as we’ve all learned from TV.

There were a few people who borrowed my camera tonight, so I’m only 90% sure that I took this picture.  Tram, if this is yours, say so.  Hehe.

As Alex Russo Would Say…

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“Look.  We could talk about who ruined the dress…or we could live in the moment.  Now I choose to live in the moment and move on.”

I agree, Alex.

Today was one of those days when I was just too engrossed in whatever I was doing to care about taking a picture.  I’ve done it a few times before, and I would sometimes regret not having taken a picture of whatever occurred, but, looking back, I realized that stopping what I was doing to run and fetch my camera would just ruin the momentum of the moment.

I would rather live the moment than take a picture to preserve it.  Many times, I miss whatever’s happening because I have my eyes glued on the LCD screen, seeing whatever’s going on through an artificial lens.  That’s pretty sad, considering that whatever memory you preserve in some visual representation might not evoke any feelings, since you were probably too preoccupied with snapping photos rather than living the moment.  Sometimes, a mental picture is enough.

Then again, most of the time, you would probably see me snapping pictures anyway, but I’ve learned when to give myself the time to focus on what’s going on through my own eyes, not the camera’s.

Still, don’t think that I passed up the opportunity to take a picture of some wonderful event today because nothing significant happened.  I just slept and enjoyed tennis for the most part, but don’t forget what I said!  I’ve had personal experiences.

This is a rose my friend gave me.

Fresh Fashion

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I went to the mall to buy some clothes, also trying to apply some of the “stuff” that I learned about cameras.  I increased the ISO of this shot, just to see the difference between a picture with low ISO and one with high.  Later on, I realized that I really can’t do much with my current camera.  You can either adjust the brightness, take out the flash, and other simple things.  None of that shutter speed and aperture value that I read about.

Still learning…


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(Michael’s house with Michael in the background, trying to catch a bug on his bed.)

I spent a good amount of time trying to study photography after I discovered a problem with the pictures I took in California.  I was directed to this site, where I skimmed over some tutorials, to no avail.  It probably wouldn’t have mattered if I had tried to read everything, due to the fact that I think the tutorials work best for people who have those advanced cameras with interchangeable parts.  I don’t think regular digital cameras make the cut.

Or, maybe I was just too lazy to read them.  I’ll try again one day.

(I probably should’ve used macro for this picture.)

Their Time to Shine

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Michael’s camera, which I have been using for a couple of weeks now, was taken from me today in school.  I spent a good hour with Michi, doing detective work, interrogating numerous kids about the culprit.  We got a name, but the kid apparently went home.  It was fun, bouncing from person to person, room to room, and frustration to relief.  I would’ve taken some pictures of us in action, but I needed the camera for that. I eventually got back the camera, with the help of another friend.  Ah, how fate plays with people’s lives, and how we play along.  Does that even make sense?

On another note, tonight was the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2009, the class, aside from my class, to which I felt the closest.  For some reason, I felt a sense of pride for the people I knew.  There was a certain joy in seeing them accept their diploma.  Their reign over the school is over, leaving the next class with their mess and letting the next class take the reins.  As I realized that I was in that class, I was suddenly reminded that my own graduation is a mere year and few days away.  Did that make sense?