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When Nature Meets…Um

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Something about opening a car door to a forest fascinates me.


The Limit Does Not Exist

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I got a new car!  Well, it’s new to me, but it’s actually a 1997 Mitsubishi Galant.  My dad doesn’t trust it that much, so he doesn’t want me to go somewhere far.  So Joe and I just went two towns away to eat some Chipotle and buy this gray marker that I’ve wanted for a while.

We then went to Costco and managed to go past the people in the front who were checking for membership I.D.’s, which neither of us had.  I don’t know why we went.  Probably just because Costco was right there.

Anyway, we were just walking around the place, playing tetherball, looking for pianos.  Joe then decided to buy himself a new camera and a box of Kit Kats for our friend Pooja, who just went through a root canal.  We grabbed both and headed to the checkout counter where the lady told us that we needed a membership I.D. to make a purchase.  Joe tried to reason with her while the woman pictured above tried to convince her to let us buy those items using her own membership I.D.  But the lady would not budge, and she took the box of Kit Kats and the camera away from us and watched us walk away.

However, Joe was intent on buying those two items.  We returned to the store, looking for a young person we can convince to buy the stuff for us.  While we retrieved the Kit Kats and the camera, we found the woman pictured above beckoning us to come to her.  She basically offered to buy the things for us, using her I.D. at a different counter.  She told us to wait where we were as she fetched someone or something.  I don’t really know.

Meanwhile, Joe and I were counting the money, hoping that we even had enough to buy the stuff we wanted to get.  Out of nowhere, we heard a loud whistle, and we saw her again.  Following her to another cash register, Joe and I were laughing at how things were turning out.

After we finally bought the Kit Kats and the camera, we decided we wanted to take a picture with this woman.  We hoped to use the camera we bought, and as we were opening the box, we saw her walking away with her cart.  We asked her to come really quick, and she obliged. Unfortunately, the new battery wasn’t charged, so we had to use my camera.   Good thing I always have mine handy.

What Does That Make Me?

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A calm and innocent day at Tram’s house.  A nice day, spent inside the safe confines of her house.

Surfed the net using the laptop in Tram’s room.  Rummaged through her fridge to find some homemade food.  Planned to watch a bad movie.  Played video games instead.  Tried to solve some clever riddles.  Played Scattergories and Pictionary.  Ate some more.  Watched some TV.

Meanwhile, a group of friends out there are driving around in a car.  They’re probably feeling a little crazy with it being Friday night and all.  Freedom from school, you know.  Blasting the music and dancing in the back of the car.  Even the driver’s a little pumped up.  They might not have a destination, but they’re driving.  Alcohol is optional, but it’s not definitely not banned.  They know they can take care of themselves and are almost sure that it’s all in good fun.

Both groups think that they’re doing something fun.  They can feel it.  They’re doing something different, but they have the same feeling, that same feeling of amusement.

We all derive fun from activities that our own personalities and interests determine.  We wouldn’t do something that we’re not interested in.  When we find whatever these activities are, shouldn’t we all feel that same rush?

But I feel like there’s something that I’m missing.  I’d been used to enjoying those simple things my friends and I have done for the past few years—just hanging out inside someone’s house.  But I now find myself yearning for something different.

I’ve been thinking about it, and I think I should start being more out there.  I feel like all the fun I used to have inside the house has been losing its appeal.  For some reason, I want to be in someone’s car, driving around and going crazy, even though right now, I’m thinking to myself whether I would even enjoy that.  I’m almost certain that there’s going to be that voice inside my head that will be way too conscious of the happy-go-lucky attitude that I often associate with that second group.  But there’s still that unexplainable desire.  I can’t deny it.  It’s there.

Because let’s face it, do we really want to be the kind of adults whose idea of fun is staying inside all night playing some childish games?

But, my friends, please don’t take this as my declaration of my waning interest in hanging out with you.  Because you know that I know that you guys are amazing.  Besides, I’m pretty sure most of you guys feel the same way already.

P.S. Sarah gave me a lollipop today.  ‘Twas a delicious green apple flavor.

Sail Away

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Nov 5


“When life flings lemons at you, run away.”

It’ll catch on.  One day.


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One step further

My borrowing of our car is becoming more frequent these days.  My parents are trusting me by myself now.  More importantly, I’m beginning to trust myself.

Wow, I’ve lost quite a few keychains.  Sorry, Tram.  One day, your dragon keychain just disappeared.  I don’t know what happened.  Sorry.  I wouldn’t mind another one from Vietnam.  I promise I’ll take care of it!

Mere Misfortune or an Omen?

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My sister and my friend got in a car accident today.

I was watching a volleyball game in our gym when I got a call from my sister Jamie.  Crying, she told me that she and my friend Kristine, the driver, got in a car accident.  They were supposed to be going to the next town to watch a volleyball game.  Surprised, all I could say was “What?”  She immediately said that neither of them was hurt.  After telling her that I’d be there soon, I bolted out of the gym into the rain, leaving a friend who went with me to the game.

After walking and running several blocks to the accident, I see a police car blocking the road where two cars were parked, neither severely damaged.  I find my sister and my friend talking to a cop in a nearby store.  Both of them looked shocked from the accident, tears still looking fresh in their eyes.  I didn’t know what to say.  They looked dazed, as I tried to ask them what happened.

To make it simple, it wasn’t Kristine’s fault.  According to them, they were about to complete a left turn when a speeding car comes from the other side of the intersection and crashes into the back of Kristine’s car, making her car turn all the way back to the road from which they were coming.  That’s insane.

Wow, I was so worried.  As we waited for the tow trucks, these horrible scenarios started to play in my head.  All these “what if’s.”  Stuff that I wish didn’t enter my head.  Stuff that I was glad did not happen.  Meanwhile, the culprit was talking to a guy through his phone, the entire time blaming it on Kristine and my sister “for suddenly coming out of nowhere,” cursing loudly as he complained about the damages to his car.

Kristine and Jamie weren’t severely hurt, although Jamie said she felt something on her hip.  She hasn’t complained afterwards, so we’ll see.

This is the third car accident my family had this week.  Last Saturday, some guy lightly crashed into the back of my dad’s car as my parents and both my sisters were entering the highway.  Thursday, a car crashed into and destroyed the sideview mirror.  And now this.  The thing was, I was planning on asking Kristine to pick me up and bring me to their game, but I changed my mind.  Now, my dad is telling us to avoid riding with other people for a while.

No Beep Beep

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I believe that I’m learning pretty quickly when it comes to driving on the highway.  My biggest obstacle right now is entering the highway, a goal that should be achieved in the next few weeks.  Oh, and I do have to relax a bit more.  I tend to tense sometimes, and when I catch myself at such a state, I tell myself to loosen up.  And I do.  It’s not like my anxieties are causing accidents, so it’s fine.

Hehe, and no one can imagine the joy I feel when I hear someone use the horn but not at me.