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It’s Been a While

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(My birthday’s on the 22nd, but for some reason, I’ve written on some forms that my birthday is the 12th.  Go figure.  Anyway.)

Cue in mediocre rendition of the chorus of “Empire State of Mind”:

“New York!  *mumble mumble*  The lights will inspire you!”

Aissa, a friend who’s always busy, told us a couple of weeks ago that she would be free today to do whatever.  Of course, for the one time we hang out with someone we don’t normally see, we would have to do something pretty significant to make it worthwhile.  So Aissa took the reins and planned a trip to New York with some friends.

So six of us went today.  Chinatown was one of the stops, as usual.  My friends are more knowledgeable about the place than I am, so we were going from store to store browsing and eating.  I got my haircut too.

Then, we went uptown to Times Square.  (By subway then by foot)  There were like hundreds of people dressed up as Santa Clauses, walking around and spreading some holiday cheer.  It was pretty strange, but in the end, we just went along with it.

Afterwards, we walked to Rockefeller Center for the tree.  As expected, it was crowded, but the tree was nice.  Honestly, though, it was kind of underwhelming.  I guess I pictured a skyscraper-sized Christmas tree in my head, but that’s impossible, of course.  At least, now I can say that I’ve seen the tree.  (Yes, it was my first time.)

Then, home to Jersey, where we hung out at Newport for a short while.

Now about the picture.  These two girls were funny.  They don’t really see each other in school often.  Not much contact between them because they don’t really have any classes in common.  Then, all of a sudden, they were best friends during the trip.  They were walking together, buying stuff together, and eating together.  I don’t know.  I just found it hilarious.

Happy You Are

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Name: Michael
D.o.B.: October 11, 1991
Current age: 18
Height: 5’9″
Weight: Too light
Pet peeve: When someone starts to say something, and then he or she says, “Never mind.”
Recent statement: “>< i did not study for anything.”

How was the birthday celebrated?

A day in New York City.

A rather simple way to celebrate a birthday.  Just go somewhere with a few people.  No extravagant parties needed.  (Some expenditure necessary)

In the end, I’m happy for you.

Last Time

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I was just sitting at the courts, absentmindedly looking around, when I suddenly heard someone yell at me, “I want to go to New York.”  I look at the group of guys talking beside me, realizing it was Russel, a fellow tennis player, who excitedly told me about his plan.  I thought, “Why not?”

“Tuesday?  After school?” I suggested.  I’ve done it before with some friends; we can do it again.  But we really weren’t left with much time if we went to New York right after school, so suggestions kept coming of when we should do it.

“Let’s do it tomorrow,” someone finally suggested.  For some reason, we all just agreed.

That all happened yesterday.

Today, John, Lawrence, Orion, Russel, Stephen, and I went to New York City early afternoon, perhaps the last time I would go to New York with friends this summer.  Chinatown was the destination, once again.  The possibilities there just seemed endless.  The first priority was for Stephen to get his haircut, and afterwards, we just wandered around the entire town.

At one point, everyone, including me, had a particular interest with the “I ♥ NY” shirts.  Many of the stores had them, so a couple of us had a great time trying to find the best deals, going from store to store, haggling with the shopowners.  They called it haggling; to me, it was borderline harassment.

“How much for three of these shirts?” we would find either Russel or Orion asking.

“Three for $12,” a shopowner would say.

“$12?  What?  Over at that store, it’s only three for $10!” Orion retorted.  At this point, we were all thinking, “Orion!  Calm down,” snickering at the same time.

“Well,” the shopowner replied confidently, “then, you go over there!  This is nice.  Their shirts are bad.  It’s good here.”

“Ah, fine, we’ll just go somewhere else,” one of us would say, half hoping that the owner would call us back to continue with the haggling.  Orion would then whisper, “What a waste of time!”  That’s when we all left.

After that, we just kept wandering around.  I desperately wanted a coin bank, so they all accompanied me around many of the stores to find a cute one. I think I’m going to start collecting coin banks now.  Maybe when people ask me if I want anything from somewhere, I’ll just say, “A coin bank, please.”

For dinner, we went to Platters, a sidewalk food stall (what are they called?),  apparently a well-known thing among some of my friends.  It only opened at night and served some good food.  A choice of lamb or chicken, rice, some vegetables, and whatever sauce you want on it (hot sauce and/or “white” sauce).  We chomped on it on the way home.

It was a pretty eventful day, even if we were just wandering around.  One would think that I would’ve taken a good picture during that time.  Too bad I was pretty caught up with everything that taking a picture for the blog didn’t occur in my mind until we were on our way home.  So, here’s mushroom bank.

Had a S”pig”tacular Day!

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What I thought to be a simple trip to New York to get a haircut turned to be more eventful.

My recent trips to New York had been focused on downtown Manhattan, mostly Chinatown.  This trip with my friend Tram was no different, except it didn’t take up the entire day. I got a haircut in the morning, and Tram and I proceeded to eat lunch at a place called Teariffic.  Very cheap.

We left at noon and went to Williamsburg in Brooklyn, apparently hipster central.  I really wasn’t familiar to the world of hipsters, and whenever I heard the word, it sounded derogatory, like wangster or something.  Our main purpose for going to Brooklyn was to visit a few thrift stores.  The place at which the picture was taken was called the Buffalo Exchange.  It mostly had old furniture and other secondhand trinkets, but the store amazed me more than the clothing thrift stores.  I really liked the atmosphere of it.

We walked around some more around Brooklyn, which is such a contrast to Manhattan.  When we got out of the subway the first time, I was surprised by how calm it was.  I expected some degree of bustling, but the sidewalks were practically empty.  Well, at least, that part of Brooklyn was quiet. I don’t know about the other parts.  That was the first time I stepped foot on the place.

Then, we returned to Chinatown, where we got some dinner.  We shared a Vietnamese sandwich and a black sesame ice cream.

Then, on the way home, I was falling asleep in the train.  Apparently, I was swaying back and forth, and the woman to my right might have been irritated when I bumped to her a second time.  She said, “Stop!” in a really exasperated voice.  I was a little embarrassed.

In addition to Teariffic, Tram and I had a few more shares of puns, including “Tee Party,” which we found on a poster on a train.  It was talking about shirts.  The big one of the day was “spigtacular,” which I thought of when we were thinking of a message to write with a plastic toy pig with chocolate inside.  We wanted to leave the pig somewhere in Brooklyn, and we decided to leave the message, “Have a sPIGtacular day!”  We were honestly hoping that it would brighten up someone’s day.

More pictures here.

Show-and-Tell 2 (Meow Meow)

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It’s that time again, isn’t it?

Yes, I’m aware.

Oh, please.  Stop acting like you’re having a terrible time. You know you’re excited to do this.

What are you talking about?

You said last night that you’ve been dying to do another Show-and-Tell episode.

Please, just do your job.

All right!  What we do have here today for our second Show-and-Tell?

As you can see, we have a variety of objects, all obtained during my trip today to New York City.

What made you want to put this for today’s post?

…Because I went to New York City today.

Seriously, you’re gonna have to be more cooperative.  OK, let’s see.  I’m sure that thing in the center has already caught everyone’s attention.  Am I right, or am I right?  *chuckle*  What is it?

Ah, that.  I love that thing.  We went to Chinatown today, and as some of you might know, Chinatown can be very, very interesting.  Well, today, we were just roaming around when I saw a group of people huddled around a small table, with two Chinese people, who—

And how do you know they were Chinese?

Well, I’m guessing, since we were in Chinatown. Besides, it sounded like they were speaking Chinese.  I think I can distinguish pretty well among the different Asian languages.


Anyway, I caught the guy making a dog out of clay.  The dog, along with a finished panda, looked very cool and intricately made, and I knew instantly that I wanted one of my own.  I then requested for him to make me a cat.  Take note of the black mouse next to the cat’s foot and the awesome bowtie.

Wow, it does look cute.  What about that really colorful card underneath the cat?

I believe it was a sushi place in Koreatown.


Well, yea.  We didn’t exactly go to it.  Someone in front of the place just handed us those cards while we were passing by.

I’m guessing you went to Kun—, Kunji—, Kunjip Restaurant, since you have the menu in the back.

No, we did not.

What the heck?  Where did you go?


That would explain the napkin, which I thought was pretty weird to have kept.  What exactly is Pinkberry?

It’s a frozen yogurt place.  I would’ve taken a picture of the yogurt, but I forgot to bring the battery to the camera I used.

But you brought the camera?  One could not get any dumber.

I know.

What did you buy there?

Passion fruit yogurt, with mangoes, almonds, and white chocolate shavings.  I wasn’t too fond of the passion fruit yogurt.

I wonder what that says about you.

There’s probably a Facebook quiz for that somewhere.

Haha.  You’re finally cooperating.  OK, what’s that “NY tab” in the background there?

Oh, that’s nothing.  Just a free little brochure that I grabbed from a hotel in Koreatown.  I used it as a background.

All right, then.  Lastly, why the heck would you save your ticket for the light rail?

Haha.  Funny story.  Some of my friends were planning on not buying tickets to the light rail because they never check them.

OK, first of all, I’m not laughing.  And second of all, that doesn’t explain why you have it.

I have it because while we were waiting for the light rail to come, two cops came down the stairs to wait for the train, and we started freaking out.  Conscience got the best of us, and we all decided to purchase our own tickets.

OK, that’s not funny.  You’re a terrible person, trying to break the law.

I don’t think it’s really our fault.  We wouldn’t be doing this if the conductor did his job. Besides, we bought tickets anyway.


I think that concludes this episode.

No, wait.  I see some sort of box on the right!

Nope, sorry, that’s the end.  Bye!

After School Spontaneity

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May 29


Right after school, my friends and I decided to rush out of our town and go to Chinatown in NY.  It was my first time there with friends.  This little Buddha is dedicated to Kelly.