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‘Twas a Nice Day

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Placement test today.  I felt so grown-up driving to college.

Objection, Your Honor

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Sorry, I don’t speak Legalese.

A school field trip to Columbia University to be jurors in this mock trial competition.  The teams were objecting so much that I was wondering whether it were normal to object so much.  At some points, I got lost in the language the attorneys were using, but they all seemed to understand each other.

The people who portrayed the witnesses were interesting as well.  Some played their roles very well, which makes me wonder whether they really act like their roles.

Aside from the trial, we also got to see the campus.  The Columbia atmosphere (which might not be that different from other schools’) made me want to go to an Ivy League school.  Alas, despite my admittance, I won’t be saying hi to Cornell anytime soon.  Financial problems due to my immigration status are  not going to make it possible.

The Last High School Affairs

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I asked my dad for the car today, so that after school, I can take the senior class council to the place where we’re holding our Senior Prom.  It’s about fifteen to thirty minutes away.  The girls got pretty excited about the place when we got there, even though one of them is not attending because her parents won’t let her.  I was pretty awestruck myself, but the feeling was fleeting.

It wasn’t until later that I got really excited when we began to discuss the food with the manager.   There’s going to be a huge buffet with a variety of food.  Screw dancing; I’ll be binging on food that night.

The ride home was a bit bumpy, literally.   There were some moments when we could’ve been in an accident because I was a bit absentminded while driving because my mind was on another issue—college.  Replies from Cornell and Princeton, among other colleges, were to arrive today, and I was becoming anxious.  I didn’t know what to expect.  Some assured me that I would be admitted into both universities, brightening up my expectations, but, at the same time, I considered the reality that there are many out there who are probably more qualified to be admitted into both universities.  Who was I to take those spots away from them?

When I got home, I tried to stall as much as possible, fearing the worst—that I’d be rejected by all the colleges.  After being pushed a few times by my friends to go online and find out the results, I finally went upstairs to my room and my computer.  I then found out that Princeton rejected me, after all the positive predictions by my friends.   I sat there, staring at the screen for a few seconds, trying to hide the disappointment from Joe, who was standing next to me.   I then checked the response from Cornell.  “Congratulations…” it said, but the devastation from the Princeton rejection still lingered.

For the next two hours, I brooded a bit about Princeton, but with some contemplation, I realized that it doesn’t matter as much anymore.  I’ve decided a few months ago that Cornell was my first choice, and I am fortunate to have been admitted there.  Sure, it’s a blow to my pride that the mighty Princeton practically squashed this little ambitious insect, but hey, whatever.  What’s done is done.  It’s not the end of the world, right?


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My sister and I were coming home with my dad from my dentist’s appointment and her religious class.  As soon as we entered the house, my mom said, “I have bad news for the two of you.”

She proceeded to talk to my sister about her progress report in school, which told of my sister’s problems in school.  Needless to say, my parents were peeved.  Meanwhile, I forgot that my mom had bad news for me, so I went upstairs to my room.  A few minutes later, she called me down and imparted with me the bad news that she mentioned earlier.

Without having to provide the details of the news, I’ll just say that it had something to do with my future education.

Sullen I once again became, and I stayed in my room, forcing myself to sleep.

After my induced nap, I asked my mom to cook these noodles that she was planning to make for tomorrow.  I love this recipe, so I satisfied myself by eating a lot.  It was clearly unhealthy, but it tasted so good.

Sell Yourself

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The sky threatened some heavy snow, and the dismal atmosphere was not the perfect backdrop for an interview.  Nevertheless, I scurried out of my room with a bunch of folders, arguing with my parents about what it meant to wear “casual business attire.”

The interview with Stevens, which was less scrutinizing than the interview with Princeton, went very well.  I never actually described the Princeton interview due to some unfortunate events that happened that day that rendered my mind virtually nonfunctional.   I couldn’t muster the desire to talk about it.  But, in short, although the interview was not required, I felt that I couldn’t answer some of the crucial questions with suitable answers, and I regretted not preparing very well.  I just told myself, “It’s all right.  That was trial run.  Now you have to kick some butt on your next interview.”

And that, I believe I did.  Not that what I believe matters.  It’s what the interviewer thought that matters. Anyway, I just thought that I answered all the questions with enough confidence.  The questions focused more or less on my involvement in school.

Afterwards, my parents and I exited the building with a junior who attends the college who gave us a tour of the place.  The weather was getting worse, making the acclaimed view of New York City invisible.  It was pretty disappointing, but the worst part was that the wind was beginning to blow so hard that it was becoming painful, especially for my naked hands.

In the end, I decided that Stevens would be a really nice safe school.


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Feeling bad for her “negligence” Monday, sweet Sarah gave me compensation for my egg’s injuries.  Isn’t it cute?

Afterwards, a bunch of my friends and I gathered at Bryan’s house to discuss plans for after prom, a very hot topic lately.  We all decided we were going to the Poconos, but we still had to choose a house to stay in.  Some of us didn’t participate in the selection, including me, because frankly, I didn’t care about what house was chosen.  I just came for the sake of camaraderie.

After that was decided, we all just pretty much hung out.  I felt tired after a while, so I just took a really short nap on the couch.  Then, we all decided to go to New York for a bit to get some food.

When we got back to Belleville, I decided to go home early.  Just wasn’t in the mood anymore.  Didn’t want to suck out everyone else’s cheer.  Besides, there’s more to life than just hanging out, like college.  I have an interview tomorrow, so it was time to wind down and get some rest.

Screw Engineering! Pursue Art!

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OK! Funny story.  Almost tragic though.

So, last night, I slept really late because I had to finish some English homework while being distracted by a friend online.  I only got about two hours of sleep, so when I got home today, I was pretty tired.   I proceeded to flop onto the bed and take a nap at around 6:30 pm.  I woke up twenty minutes later because of some prickly feeling on my arm.  Still tired, I took my shoes off, turned the lights off, and went under the covers to actually sleep.

I woke up again.  It’s really dark, and I think, “Whoa!  It’s morning already?”  (Go figure.)  I got up, still in my school uniform.  Suddenly, I started freaking out.  I grabbed my bookbag, pulled out a camera from one of the pockets, and checked the last picture I took.  It was from December 17.

“Oh snap!  I forgot to take a picture for the day!  Oh god.  No way!  No freaking way!  I can’t believe this is happening.  After more than six months, this happens?  No way.  You’re so dumb, Jeremy.   You should’ve taken a picture before you took a nap.”

I then rushed to the computer and checked the time.  At this point, I was still panicking, my hands shaking and clutching the camera.  11:28 pm.  It took a few seconds for it to register in my head.  I then check the date.  Friday, December 18, 2009.  Instantly, I smiled.  “Yes!  I’m so lucky!  I can’t believe this!  I still have half an hour left of the day!”

You would think that I took a picture right there and then, but no.  I waited a while before I took one.

But wow, you should’ve seen me panicking in my room.


I often joke around with myself about the topic of what field I should pursue in college.  I want to major in chemical engineering, but I often find myself more interested in art.  In fact, I enjoyed drawing the labels on these folders much more than organizing the information that I need for each college. (Well, that’s probably understandable and expected.)

Anyway, I finally gave my counselor the requirements that need to be mailed to each college that I want to apply to.  It feels like a big load has been taken off my shoulders, but I still have the actual applications to complete.  Essays and such.

Work, Work, Work

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I haven’t complained about college work in a while, haven’t I?

It’s pretty stressful, but I think I’ve gotten everything pretty organized.  That’s not what you would think looking at my computer desk, but it’s gotten organized.  I just fear for the quality of my essays.  Ah.  I want it all to be over.  When’s my break coming?!

So, today, my friend Joe came over and sort of got me focused on writing this one essay while he sort of worked on his homework.  Sort of.

Easy Livin’

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If days-off from school had no consequences, I probably would have been out once every week.  But no.  I’m a responsible student who has to weigh the pros and the cons of missing a day of school before making a decision.

So, after much deliberation, I decided that today was the perfect day to miss my classes.  In school, there weren’t many important things going on.  At home, I had a major book to finish reading for English, and I had some college essays to start and complete.  Besides, I’ve been so stressed lately that I just needed this break.  So, I figured, “Skip it is!”

I definitely should do this more often.  I actually got to complete what I needed to do while taking in the morning sun.  It’s bliss.

What I Should Do

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Weekends are becoming terrible times for photography because I tend to stay home. (Well, it was raining today.)  There are only so many things I can take pictures of at home, and they all tend to be boring and ugly.

Anyway, I started college apps.  I pretty much finished all the personal information for the Common Application.  I looked at some of the essays, and the gravity of my situation just slapped me in the face.  Some of these essays were nasty.  Yes, nasty.  These next few weeks are going to be hell.

I then decided to start studying for the SAT Reasoning Test, which is in two weeks.  It’s my second time, and I really want to get an excellent grade.   Not an excellent grade by my school’s standards, but an excellent grade by…a better standard. A college’s standards.  Colleges that I want to apply to.  Yep.  There you go.

My focused study session was then interrupted by the sudden arrival of some guys.  Michael, Lawrence, and Sean, whom people frequently find together these days.  Well, plus me.   Four of us.  We hang out so much these days that it gets annoying.  Haha.  No offense to anyone.  I’ll never get any work done if people keep disturbing me.  Not that I get that much done without people visiting me… But, like I told Michael, there’s no chance of getting anything done if people are over! At least, when I’m alone, there’s a better chance, however small.

Anyway, we all watched Quarantine.  People are forcibly secluded inside an apartment building, in which outbreaks of some extreme form of rabies were rampant in the tenants.  A lot of running, biting, and mashing.

So, yep.  Quarantine.  I should do that so that I can finally get to doing some work.  Except, you know, I don’t want rabies-infected cannibals with me.