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Crazy People

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Only two of the total ten.  The two I was closest to in karate.

I’ve never been with a rowdier crowd in a public place.  Haha.  I had a lot of fun though.

I was sort of hoping we’d get kicked out of Applebee’s.


I Thought I Had More Pictures to Choose from

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I guess when you’re having so much fun, you forget things.

Homecoming Carnival.  W00t w00t!

It turned out that the guy and the girl I voted for king and queen did not win.  Greg did not win, and that was the biggest shocker.  90% of the audience was dissatisfied by the results.   From the response, it seemed like everyone voted for him.  He set up so many funny posters in school and had a nice speech the day before.   How did he lose then?

Eh…of course, people went straight to the assumption that the election was rigged, but the Student Government Organization advisor assured everyone that it wasn’t.  Others were saying that some of the scantron sheets that people cast their votes on were discarded because of some errors, e.g. people used a pen, people filled in boxes that were not supposed to be filled in, and people voted for people who weren’t in the race.

We might never get to the bottom of it.  Then again, it might be that Matt genuinely won, except that his supporters just weren’t vocal about electing him.   Either way, Greg was disappointed.  I felt bad for him, and I didn’t know if I should say something.  I just tried to avoid the subject.

Other than that, homecoming was pretty amazing. At first, I was a little apprehensive about its outcome because there was barely any people.  Bored, I went to the henna tattoo corner and helped serving the students.  While drawing on people’s hands and arms for several minutes, apparently more people came into the carnival, and when the “tattoo artists” finally took a break, there were crowds around the parking lot, where the carnival was held.

After that, I just went crazy.  Haha.  Yea, it’s a different kind of fun.  During the summer, I’ve had experiences that were fun because the experience itself was fun.  This time, I realized that you had to make your own fun because, let’s face it, the carnival itself was lousy.  Minimum lights, barely any games, mediocre bands, suspicious fortune tellers, amateur tattoo artists.   You had to make yourself believe that it was the best thing ever.  In my case, going crazy is the way to go.

If you want to see it another way, it’s the kid way of having fun.  Running around, jumping around, dancing around.  Couldn’t keep still.  Of course, I couldn’t do that by myself.  I needed to have my friends to share it with me.

By ten o’clock, the number of people in the carnival was dwindling, and my friends decided that it was time to go home.   Ten o’clock.  And I still had a biology test to study for.

Still, I didn’t regret going to the carnival at all.

How Long Will It Last?

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The advisor of my school’s literary magazine assigned me and a few friends to post up some posters announcing the first meeting next week.  The five of us split the huge stack of posters, and I decided with the one who went with me to be extremely creative with how we posted them up.  There’s only so much you can do with what’s actually on the paper, so we had to take the next step and be creative with hanging them up.  Literally.


We tried a variety of ways that differed from the normal way of hanging them up.  We tried different angles with a couple that were completely upside-down.  We thought of being obnoxious with the posters by putting a bunch of them on one wall.  We also tried the 3D approach, which involves taping the posters on the wall in a way that will make a part of the poster bulge out.

But I’ve tries these before.  I wanted to go a step further.  I taped the corners of several posters and tried to make banners that hung in the air.  We did that a few times.  We thought that was crazy until we thought of this next idea.  We taped two posters back-to-back and attached it to a “string” made of folded masking tape.  Then, we hung it in one of the staircases.  If that doesn’t catch anyone’s attention, then we weren’t crazy enough.

Sadly, I discovered some time after that some of our banners were taken down, most probably by the custodians.  They don’t appreciate art!

Hopefully, the posters on the string will last until the students actually see them.


We Owe Her Punches

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It was a very busy day.  After I attended a few workshops, I went to my competition area to take the test.   More than half of the questions were about networking, instead of “computer applications,” which involve Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. The following roughly summarizes the conversations I had with myself for the subsequent hours and days:

“Ah, do I have a chance?”

“Yea, you have to!  You got first place in regionals and second place in states!”

“But that was local.  This is Nationals!”

“The topics covered were pretty similar.  You definitely have a chance!”

“I don’t know… I guessed on most of them.”

“I’m sure you made smart guesses.”


“Well, there you go.”

“Still, I’m going against kids who might have excelled in their states.”

“And, so did you.”

“Did I?”

“Dude, you did!”

“Ah, fine.  I need to stop worrying.  What happens happens.”

Well, like I said.  Roughly.

Afterwards, I rushed to a restaurant a few blocks away from the hotel to celebrate my sister Jamie’s birthday.  It was her 16th birthday, and we couldn’t have a party because I had to go to Anaheim.  I don’t know about her, but that’s a pretty nice “gift.”  She looked pretty content, in my opinion.