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Decline to Mediocrity

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I remember when talent shows in the high school would draw in hundreds of people to the point that it would be hard to find a seat where you could enjoy the show.  This was three years ago, when I was a freshman.  When there was an awesome performance, I’d be pretty irked because everyone would be standing up, trying to get a better view of the act, thereby giving the people behind him or her a hard time.  It was a wave of frustration.  But when you did catch a glimpse of the performances, you’d be awestruck.

Now, the auditorium is only about a quarter full, which is proportional to the quality of the acts.  I mean, one can argue that the audience doesn’t really know what kind of acts they’ll see, so it’s not like anyone can prove that the higher the quality of the acts, the more people will come.

Anyway, my point is that the acts this year are pretty dull, not to mention bad.  Some might have just wanted five minutes of fame, not that being seen by twenty people would gain them acclaim.

However, there was one act that I truly enjoyed.  Now you’re going to have to believe me when I say I’m totally unbiased with this opinion, but my sister’s performance with her dance crew was good.  I don’t know.  Something about it made me smile.


Or it can just be an older person mentality sort of thing.  I was a naive freshman, and maybe I was easy to please.  Now that I’ve seen more kinds of talents ranging from terrible to epic, I’m more critical.

So yea, where’s all the talent in our school?  Are we really just talentless?

New Life

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We’re supposed to be creating our own experiments involving tropism for my AP Bio class.  None of us really know what we’re doing, except that we need to take care of these plants that we brought in a few weeks ago.

Today, there was a dance show in school, where all the dance students performed.  You know those times when you just feel like you can do something someone else is doing?  That’s how I feel about dancing.

“I’m Gonna Live Forever!”

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Audition day!  Didn’t care too much about it, so I really didn’t freak out the entire day, like the years back.  I truly wasn’t worried about how I’d do in the auditions as much as I worried about whether I should even do the play or not.  (See previous post.)  But, I realized, I can make that decision later.  For now, I should still keep both options available.

So, yes, the auditions.  I entered that auditorium, ready. Ready to sing the song that I barely practiced.  Ready to learn that choreography I’ve never seen before.  Ready to give my best to something I didn’t care too much about anymore.

But, suddenly, I experienced a change of heart.  As I was on stage, fumbling on the choreography that was being taught, I remembered all the fun that I had for the past three years that was intertwined with the misery and the exhaustion.  Yes, the fun.  I remembered why I even joined the play in the first place back in eighth grade.  The thrill of performing and learning these dances and these songs was pretty freaking fantastic.  (And I was also after some extra credit from my eighth grade Reading teacher who was the director, but that’s another story.)

So I instantly became excited, telling myself, “Why do I need to give up the play for tennis?  I should just do both.   I’ll find out the solution to my problem later.”

Anyway, with that new mentality, I went up on stage and sang, truly hoping that I would get a good role.  Because it was an open audition, meaning the others were sitting in the audience, I was pretty nervous.  For the most part, I had my eyes on the music sheet with the lyrics, glancing at the  judges for half a second from time to time.  Afterwards, my friends said I did really well.  I just wish I had the courage and the confidence to just perform.  Not just sing.  Perform.

Then, there was the dancing.  Yea, I totally messed up.  Barely knew the choreography.   But I think I rocked the freestyle section.  *crump crump*

Then, after everything was done, I was one of the people who were called to read.  So, here’s the thing.  I decided I wanted to be a character named Schlomo, the only baritone in the play.  (Every other male part was a tenor).  So I thought, “I want to get Schlomo!”  In addition, he has a love interest with this girl named Carmen, and I thought this girl who was going to go for Carmen was really cute and fun.  I thought it’d be really fun to do the play with her if she got her part.

In the end, I really am pretty excited for the play.  Let’s go!

P.S.  It’s birthday season!  Best month ever.

Bad Habit

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Some people bite their nails while others may scratch their arms.  Whatever bad habits people may have, they’re most probably, well, bad.

For me, it’s probably saying that I’m going to do something and ending up not doing it.  It’s not hypocrisy.  It’s more like I tell a person that I’ll do him or her a favor and end up either forgetting about it or just being swamped with other work that I’m forced to abandon it.

Today, the full effects of this bad habit were revealed to me.   Friday night, my friend Jann asked me if I were going to tonight’s dance competition, in which her dance group was going to dance.   Being only mildly interested in watching so many groups dance, I was leaning towards not going.  But my sister suddenly says that she wants to go, so in the end, I tell Jann that I’m going with my two sisters.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon.  I realize that I have a lot of homework to do, and there was a friend that I really wanted to hang out with.  The dance competition was going to take a big chunk out of my doing homework time and hanging out time.

Because it was such an inconvenience, I contemplated telling Jann that I couldn’t make it.  I would save money for the entrance fee and the time it takes to drive back-and-forth and the show itself.   But, I told myself, “You already told her you were going.  You can’t.   You have to go.”  (Besides, she would’ve killed me.)

I don’t know what part of that reasoning truly convinced me, but I definitely realized that if I wanted to truly break the habit, then I should experience the consequences of staying with it.   Even if I had to stay up to finish a Calculus take-home test and study for a Biology test.  Yep.

I should probably talk about the competition itself, huh?  Project D won.

New Meaning of Creepy

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Oct 31


Jennifer shrieked.  She found the hunting knife that she knew she hid in the attic last summer soaked in mustard on the couch.

“What’s going on?” Ted yelled.  “This is a sick Halloween joke!”

“Trust me.  This is no joke,” Ellen, Jennifer’s sister, shakingly replied.

“Oh, thanks, Ellen,” Bill said.  “Thanks for letting us know that you really want to kill us.”

“I’m not doing this!”

Thunder roaring, lightning flashing, a dark figure suddenly appeared behind them, only visible to Jennifer.  Without anywhere else to go, she jumped onto the couch behind her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Someone’s behind you!” Jennifer pointed towards where the figure was.

The remaining three quickly looked back, jumping away from whatever Jennifer was pointing at.  The figure was gone.

“OK, whatever you two sisters are up to, just stop it,” Ted said, attempting to sound brave, masking the terror that had been brewing inside ever since they found a message written with mustard on the kitchen wall.  “You’re next!” it said.

“Who are we kidding, Ted?” Bill said, laughing half-heartedly.  “Let’s just get out of here!  There’s no point.”

“You’re crazy if you think we’re going to stay here,” Ellen exclaimed, running to the door.

Shoving Ellen to the side, Bill rushed through the door, towards his parked car.  Suddenly, a shriek was heard.  Jennifer, Ellen, and Ted ran outside to see what happened.

The three followed suit and began to scream.  The Mustard-Hat Killer had beat them to the car.

“Who’s next?” he said creepily.

Or the guy can just be a stalker.

A synopsis of my Halloween:

  1. Woke up before noon
  2. Was told by sisters that we would go to a free dance workshop in Bergenfield (The workshop was going to start in twenty minutes.)
  3. Got lost with Lawrence and my two sisters
  4. Got lost more
  5. Did not get to attend the workshop
  6. Walked around waiting for a friend from the dance group
  7. Gloomy day
  8. Rain
  9. Trick-or-treat in Bergenfield
  10. Felt old for trick-or-treating
  11. Rain
  12. Rain
  13. Got bored
  14. Went home

Considering all the Halloween stuff that I did for the past two weeks, today was definitely a lackluster culmination of the Halloween season.

I think I’m all pooped out from yesterday.


I Wanna Feel the Heat with Somebody

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“Dance like nobody’s watching.”  I must have heard that saying a hundred times.  If you do let go of your anxieties and let the rhythm and the music flow through you, dancing is very fun and expressive, regardless of your skill.  Don’t forget that it burns calories.

Still, even if you enjoy flailing your arms and legs in a non-rhythmic manner, don’t stop yourself from actually learning how to dance properly.  It doesn’t hurt to make people ooh and aah.

And who can forget line dancing?  Christine’s graduation party (which was fun) had several songs with line dancing.  I learn, and then I forget.

Ah, Christine.  Have fun in college!  We’ll miss you.

Black Buses Driving Carelessly

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Jun 2


What a blurry picture.  It would be easy to blame the camera, but my skill is probably the culprit.

Thanks to Full Circle for entertaining me at the show.