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‘Twas a Nice Day

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Placement test today.  I felt so grown-up driving to college.


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No worries.  It’s just one day.

A “Good Surprise”

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Whatever you think, this is the last thing I want you to do to me.

A Bunch of Firsts

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I’m sure he enjoyed eating his hot pizza.

I, on the other hand, had to endure a cold one.

Oh the places you’ll go with a car.


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Sometimes, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re with an awesome friend.  Everything becomes based on a “Who cares?  We’re going to have fun” philosophy.

Right or Privilege?

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I’m turning 18 soon, but sometimes I feel I’m still too confined in my house.

I know I shouldn’t be complaining because there are others my age who have very strict parents who set confining rules.

Personally, putting the situation of others aside, I would like to be driving at 11 pm on a weekend, without having to dread the nagging voice of my parents, saying, “Umuwi ka na.  Gabi na.” (Go home now.  It’s late.)

Not like I know what to do once I’m out there, but it would be nice to have the option.

Sail Away

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Nov 5


“When life flings lemons at you, run away.”

It’ll catch on.  One day.

No Beep Beep

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I believe that I’m learning pretty quickly when it comes to driving on the highway.  My biggest obstacle right now is entering the highway, a goal that should be achieved in the next few weeks.  Oh, and I do have to relax a bit more.  I tend to tense sometimes, and when I catch myself at such a state, I tell myself to loosen up.  And I do.  It’s not like my anxieties are causing accidents, so it’s fine.

Hehe, and no one can imagine the joy I feel when I hear someone use the horn but not at me.