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…at many things.

But why do I have to at things that matter, those that I hold close to my heart, those that I love?

Why don’t you beat yourself up, Jeremy?  You’ve once again disappointed yourself and perhaps others.  You’ve failed before, according to your own standards.  You know how it feels.  You’ve dealt with it by beating yourself up.  So go do it.

Afterwards, you can hope for the best for next time.  Hope, hope, hope.

Yea, sure.  Hoping makes a difference.


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No worries.  It’s just one day.

Smother You with Christmas

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That’s right!  More Christmas-related photographs!

Following the ceremony yesterday at Rockefeller Center, my town organized the annual tree-lighting ceremony for tonight.  I’ve gone the past two years, and I think it sort of helps to get me in the Christmas spirit.  Something like that.

But, honestly, I don’t even know why I go anymore.  I know for the past two years, I helped out with the equipment that some officials used for the ceremony.  Microphones, speakers, you know.

This year, however, I was not given that task, but I still went.  I remember last year that I just “hung out” with the a cappella group.  The members are nice and all, but they’re so close to each other that I felt like I was just there.  So, for the most part, I felt alone. In addition, naturally, they sing pretty well.  Despite my interest in music, I’m not a very experienced singer.  They can read music, sing the music, and sound wonderful.  I, on the hand, yea, not so much.  They would practice around me before their little performance, and I’d just be standing there, listening to them.

This year, the experience was pretty similar. I guess I really only went so I can meet up and hang out with another friend afterwards.

Oh, and yea, I’m not really sure if this got me in the spirit of Christmas.


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See journal.

Clandestine Fail

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My friend Tram and I decided to meet up today to get started on some summer assignments for school.  Not too many people knew about it, until another friend walked in on us having snacks.  He was going to hang out with my sister and a few others.  It might not sound like it, but it was funny.

The laptop served two purposes today.  We used it to take notes on one of the books we had to read, Economics Explained.  That took an hour.  Then, we used it to access the Internet.  That took about…three hours.

There’s my mattress now!  After my bed collapsed yesterday, I’ve been sleeping on the floor.