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Like a Family

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A decent dinner at Lawrence’s house after a day in NYC.  Everyone’s sharing something going on in his or her life.

Familiar Longing

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Honestly, I looked forward to this Sunday, spending some time with my family.  Like, instead of complaining about going to Shoprite after church, I told myself, “Oh, cool! Some quality time with the family.”

Too bad that as soon as I got home, I locked myself in my room, as usual, away from everyone.

Five Birthdays in One Year

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Yes, Kristine, there are eighteen candles there.

Well, I actually don’t know.

For the longest time, I didn’t know the date of Kristine’s birthday.  (Actually, I’m still not pretty sure.)  I would keep guessing the date within the first two weeks or so of February, hoping that I would get it right, and for some reason, I always leaned towards February 15.

But no, her birthday is actually February 2.  Or February 3.  Or 5.

Family, Friends, and Family Friends

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The game of “Life.”   I’m not going to analyze this board game and see if it satirizes how life is for most people or something because, frankly, I got nothing to say.

My godparents’ family came over today since we haven’t seem them for so long.  They’re really close family friends.  We haven’t seen each other in a while, and it was actually pretty awkward between each family’s children at first, but eventually, we sort of just clicked again.  Sort of.

I was afraid they’d be bored.  They were entertained by Sunday night football for a while, but when that was over, I didn’t know what to do until they found the game board hiding somewhere in the living room.  Then, I guess it took off from there.

Oh, and Michael came over earlier to help me clean my room.  I haven’t cleaned it since that post I made about cleaning it a while ago.  I was lucky that he was in an odd mood to clean.  Thanks, Michael!

Confident Connection

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Oct 18


You’ll see.

Party at the house!  More like a gathering.  I…don’t really party.  *boring*

Just a family party.  My dad’s been doing a lot of home improvement, and my parents thought it was the perfect time to show the extended family our house after several years.  Yes, years.

I had English work to do, so I couldn’t really mingle with them the entire time.  I felt bad, but the times that I was with them, I felt this new connection with my aunt.  As opposed to before when I would just be another body to feed at a party, I was actually talking to some people.  Making jokes and stuff.  You know, not just, yes or no responses to questions like “So, do you have a girlfriend now?  Are you doing good in school?”

Well…that’s the case with the adults.  I’m not really sure about my cousins (who didn’t go because they live far).  For the most part, we’ve always been very distant from each other.  They’re my next goal, I guess.

Fails at Boxing

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Went to a family party today.  Although it is always filled with gossiping adults and rambunctious children under the age of 13, I always look forward to going to them.  Any gathering where I can see family is worth my time because I seldom do get to see them.

Here’s my cousin playing Wii Sports, training on boxing after losing to my other cousin who annihilated her.  I decided to fiddle with the shutter speed with this one.  This picture had an exposure of one second.  I just have one question.  How do you keep the lighting at a certain level when you increase the exposure time?  For example, when I set the exposure time to about 5 seconds, the picture becomes overexposed, which is understandable since you are letting more light in.  Still, I’ve seen a picture online under different exposure times (to illustrate the concept of shutter speed), and the lighting seemed consistent.

And yes, I do fail at Wii boxing.