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Marginally Helpful

Posted in Friends, Out of Town with tags , , , , , on October 12, 2009 by Jeremy


When expecting a scary part of a horror movie, I often wrap my hands around my face to slightly cover my vision.  It still see about 90% of the screen, but for some reason, it just helps.  (Yes, I know the scene doesn’t seem suspenseful at all.   That’s because it isn’t.  You don’t actually expect me to have my camera ready when something’s about to come up.)

Anyway, I hope this photo isn’t illegal.  Haha.  Watched Paranormal Activity today.  Wow, that was terrifying.  I’d hate to sound like many other reviewers of the movie, but I’ve never been so scared of a movie in my life.


What striked me as the most horrifying aspect of the movie was the fact that for the majority of the film, there wasn’t a physical entity associated with whatever was haunting (or hunting) the protagonists.  There wasn’t a face or a body to be terrified of.  I think that really did it for me.

In addition, the fact that we thought the videos were real footage got to us.   After some research, we discovered it wasn’t real.  A “mockumentary.”

Oh gawsh. I need to stop replaying the scenes in my head.  I can’t calm down.